Sunday, July 25, 2021

About Yard sales,

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 I received this picture from Evelyn.  Don has been looking for another RV.  I agree he should get this one from 1958!!

(I do wonder if that ladder is legal???)  LOL

For today:

Yard sales have been our entertainment as we RV'd full time for 22 years. For so many years our reading was paperbacks and yard sales were mostly our supply ‘depot.’  To be honest some of my most prized clothes came from yard sales. The most I have ever paid for a new shirt is $12. Yard sales they are usually 50 cents.

Once at a yard sale I looked at a gentleman’s shirts for sale and saw the tags at $8. I said, “$8 is pretty high for a yard sale.”

He replied, “I paid $92 for that shirt you are looking at.”

I bought it. LOL I had NEVER had an expensive shirt. I have enjoyed it and it is nice.

We were at a yard sale in Florida during the time e-mails were just beginning to be used. I heard a lady talking about office e-mails. She had two big bosses at her job. One she liked and one she could not stand.   She meant to send one to the good guy complaining about the bad guy, mistakenly sent the e-mail to both! OUCH

In West Virginia we were walking up to a yard sale and a lady had a stroke while driving by. She went by us in the yard and plowed into the tables. One lady was injured enough to require a hospital.

A man asked in Vermont (upon seeing our car tag), “You drove up from Florida to go to yard sales?”

In Bangor, Maine I spied a Hearing aid still in the original package for 50 cents, batteries included. It worked as well as my VA hearing aids, it became my back up.

BUT… way back in the HILLS of Maine, we lucked up on a sale. I saw the first pince-nez eye glasses I had ever


seen. I just had to have them. The man was asking fifty cents, I didn’t even try to get them cheaper, LOL. They are in the original case with the Doctor’s name on them. The bridge is 10K Gold.  They are interesting. I have held them for a few years now. They are only a reminder of Maine and the wonderful folks there.



PS: I think pince-nez glasses were reading glasses. These seem to be very weak magnification.


Chatty Crone said...

I like garage sales too - you got some good finds.

betty said...

Those glasses were a real find!! I like going to garage sales to see the "junk" others are selling. Sometimes we'll just drive by and I won't bother stopping because nothing looks really worth the time to stop, lol. Like I mentioned before, I liked having them and selling stuff cheap. Someone paying me to haul off my stuff I'm getting rid of was a good deal for me!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

I like yard sales. Sometimes you can find some real antiques that the seller has not realised what their true value is.

I once found two antiques in the same yard sale. I took the items to an antiques dealer and he confirmed them as a genuine Stradivarius and a Rembrandt. Unfortunately, Rembrandt was bad at making violins and Stradivarius was a terrible painter!

God bless.

Mevely317 said...

What great illustrations of Americana! Tho' I'm no longer gainfully employed (*grin*), I'm shuddering about that e-mail mis-up.

Aside from spending 75-cents last month at a neighbor's sale, I've not been to one in years. I actually prefer estate sales, but they're apt to be pricy ... and crowded. Is there much of those up there around Belmont?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We can really find some good prices at yard sales. But it takes time to look through everything. I love to go to them too. But more than not I buy things I really don't need, but appeal to me and I don't have room to store much else here, so I really should stay away from them. I've never traveled like you two do, but it would be fun to see how other folks life and what they consider junk. One mans junk is always another man's treasure.

Dar said...

Yard sales are big up here and I've found plenty. Some of my most treasured pieces are vintage oil lamps, plate glass mirrors, and ornate lamps. Lately, however, I'm looking for pretty stuff like antique dishes and vases. Our house is also full of way too much so it's near time to resell what I bought. LOL Little sis and I did that 4 yrs. ago and the car trailer is ready to be filled for others again. I hope she helps because it is a lot of work. At least nothing comes back inside when we're done. Goodwill, here we come.
loven'hugs from up north where it'll be another hot one in the gardens. I best be gettin' after it! Weeds are always free for the pickin'

yaya said...

I haven't gone to a yard sale in years because I think I already have enough stuff and frankly I should have my own yard sale! Maybe you and Sherry would show up in your RV?!! I think the Lincoln Highway yard sales are going to be happening. That would be interesting to stop and find some treasures I guess. Anyway, happy yard sale hunting!

Susan Kane said...

Yard sales are just now beginning. Always a fun Sat. a.m.

Lisa said...

Now you have me wanting to go to yard sales this weekend.