Saturday, July 24, 2021

The difference in Boys and Girls

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

Live longer better, buy this stuff!!!!

For today:

I once told Sherry when she became a Christian, all the Lord had to do was dust her off a little, ME?  He had to use Lye soap!

Speaking of that, at hog killing time mama always used a lot of the fat to make lye soap.  Did you ever have to use lye soap at home? AT LEAST you must have heard the song of Grandma’s Lye Soap?

Do you remember grandma's lye soap?
Good for everything in the home,
And the secret was in the scrubbing,
It wouldn't suds and couldn't foam.

Then let us sing right out of grandma's, of grandma's lye soap
Used for - for everything, everything on the place,
For pots and kettles, the dirty dishes, and for your hands and for
Your face.


Want to know why girls are prettier than boys? Here is a picture of a shower area. The lower shelf is male, a bar of soap. That shelf just above is for the lady who shares that shower (at a different time!!! Just to clarify!)


Small things bring me some joy. I am thrilled when I can mold that old sliver of soap into my new bar and you cannot tell it was 2 separate soaps. I get a kick out of the results, if the color to the soap changes. (I usually grab the cheapest on the shelf) I would be willing to say that I have never thrown a bar of soap away, but always used it down to where I could mold it into my new one. (Yep, I am a cheap skate!)

I liked it when mama would get Ivory soap vs having lye soap, because IVORY SOAP FLOATS and I had a boat to play with in the tub.

That bruise or scar:

On the boy it must be SEEN, gotta brag a little.

On the girl, more make-up is required…

I think one of the worst things that ever happened is when the female life became RULED by models, fashion mags, and mags like Playboy. I have known girls and women who were sure they were ugly because their figure wasn’t 36-20-36 or something like that.  If their hair wasn’t a certain color or style.

I am not even going into clothes, bags and shoes.

Women take a lot of vitamins and SUPPLIMENTS.  I NEVER see men in that aisle except helping the lady find something. Hunting a specific vitamin and supplement is like an EASTER egg hunt. THEY ARE IN NO ORDER!

Those supplements must work, the girls do live longer.

But in the end, girls are the most attractive, and I am GLAD!



Woody said...

I have used Lye Soap, I remember handling Pig Fat, (Lard), I remember Grandma mae soap but really didn't pay too much attention to it as Butchering the Hog was part of our job and that was scraping the hide, hauling Hams to the smoke house or to the Ice House till they could be rendered !!
I remember using lard when cooking, i remember drinking cold milk or water and the coating the lard left in my mouth !!
Farm Life, couldn't beat it ! Sending down love from the North !
Gary an Anna Mae

betty said...

I'm thankful I haven't had to use lye soap, but I do remember Ivory soap floating. Fun to play with it in the bath! Here in our house my hubby has more products in the bathroom than I do lol. I gave up on makeup a few years back and haven't missed it. You are right though, Jack. Those fashion magazines that feature the "perfect" woman is hard for those of us who know we'll never fit that category. Glad God doesn't see the outer beauty but focuses more on the heart and its beauty.


Chatty Crone said...

Your memory is far better than mine is!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

You're right. Men like to mold and old piece of soap into a new one. For some reason, women hate that. But they also do like many shoes ... and chocolates. To confuse women, buy them shoes made out of chocolate!!!

God bless.

Mevely317 said...

Funny fellow! I never heard of melding two pieces of soap. Best gesture of 'waste not, want not' is my tipping the bottles upside down to get every ounce.

I don't think my grandparents made lye soap, yet they always had this repulsive black thing at the bathroom sink called "Lava." What would those farm folk think of today's aromatic varieties? 🤨

yaya said...

I never used Lye soap but Ivory was a staple growing up. I'm more into Oil of Olay these days! Ha! Yes, we need all the help we can get. I wear makeup..hey, even an old barn looks better painted! Have a good week!

Dar said...

I can't say I remember lye soap but I have heard mom say a thing or two about it...I'd much rather favor good ol' Ivory! And lard makes the best pie crust ever. It may not be healthy but in pie crust, it cannot be beat. FLAKY!
As for us gals, we do like to smell pretty.
loven'hugs from up north where it was another of those dog days of summer.