Tuesday, July 27, 2021


 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


President Harding in a Packard

For today:

I am so blessed to have folks who comment on this blog. This blog is not a journal as such, but just a collection of my random thoughts with some entries concerning my life. I am humbled and smile at times at your comments, life is good.

There are incidents that need to be recorded and others that are only 'tree leaves blown by the wind'. I remember when AOL Journals died, some copied all their entries and saved them, at times I wish I had, but I did not.

Misunderstandings that cost:

I have said good bye to my parents and siblings. One is especially memorable, concerning insurance. I called her "Kat." When I was a kid she was actually like a second mama to me.

During the discussion for the funeral of her deceased husband Dick, she handed the director the burial Ins. Policy; at the time she casually said, “I am covered by this policy also.”

After studying it for a moment, “No ma’am, you are not covered, this is only for Rev. Lankford.”

“Oh yes it is, my husband would not have told me if it was not true.”  Her son was with her and agreed with the  director, (who was an acquaintance of mine). The director kept the policy.

She then arranged and took out a paid-up policy for her funeral, $4000 or 5000 at the time.

She mentioned it to Shirl, who took the ball and ran with it. Having been an ins. underwriter and understood some of the ins and outs. Shirl chased it and even without the policy or #, found that Kat was covered, and retrieved a copy.

I then went to the director about recovering her payment. “Of course Jack, all she has to do is pay the premiums for the 2 months.”


“It is what it is Jack, I’m sorry.”

 When I told Kat she said 'forget it' and changed the beneficiary of her policy to Shirl for finding the error.

Just after that, Sherry & I did some checking. Buying that policy is considered a bad financial investment.  Sherry and I called our NY Life agent and each took out an extra policy on each of us for $10K for burial. Those policies are now paid up and worth twice their orig value.  So we are “PAID FOR.”


PS: My girl can save herself some money and have a party if she will just call the USN and ask that I be ‘Buried at Sea!‘  They don’t charge for dropping off an old USN Chief somewhere on one of our ships as it crossed the Atlantic. They will send her the coordinates where I am dropped.

It won't be any ship I was on because they are all in mothballs.



Chatty Crone said...

Glad you are paid up to date!

Mevely317 said...

Forgive if I'm misunderstanding ...
but wasn't what that funeral director did underhanded -- and illegal? If so, he should be reported to whichever agency licenses those folks.

Pre-planning (and pre-PAYING) is big business in today's world. I'm glad my mother had such a policy, but when I had that brief part-time job with SCI I witnessed the sales people's 'hard sell' tactics. What a turn-off!

Unknown said...

I have always found that such an odd thing to do. Dropping one's body into the sea I mean. What if the casket opened and the body floated to the top? I'd be curious to know how many people choose this as their final resting place. I know the person is dead and all but I just can't get onboard. I think it's because I have a fear of water. I don't think your wife would choose this for you, unless you specified otherwise. She'd probably want a grave site to visit. That being said, I hope neither one of you has to worry about that for many, many years.

betty said...

I tell you there should be a special place in hell for funeral directors who treat people like this during a family's toughest times when trying to bury a loved one. But it happens more often than we probably want to know. Anything to make an extra buck I guess.

Don't you get "space" in a military cemetery Jack for you and Sherry?


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Were you serious when you said the USN would drop previous servicemen in the sea for free?

God bless.

Dar said...

If I'd been in the Navy serving our country, I think I would love being buried at sea. I have no fear of water tho I did think I once was drowning. I think that a person's last wishes should be granted. My aunt just passed and her final resting place will be under her apple trees where her husband lies. I personally, think it's beautiful. One day, we both wish to be spread around the cabin trails where we've spent so much time together. I do hope our kids will comply. May your wishes be granted.
loven'hugs from up north where we are predicted to have damaging storms this afternoon~wind, heavy rain and hail the size of our palms. My wish is that the rains come but the hail stays away.:/