Thursday, July 29, 2021


 Memorable trucks from The Past:


I'm beginning to think about apple cider!

For today:

I find myself wearing the same clothes a lot. I have one short sleeve shirt I think I wear it to church all the time or when we are going out to eat.

I have switched to cargo pants for most of the time because of the side pockets when I carry my wallet. I think a lot of men have back problems because we are trying to carry in a wallet what ladies put in their purse. LOL

I look thru my wallet and try to leave some things behind, but I still keep all the cards so it stays too think, Not because of cash of course, but even in this day we still have at debit card and a credit card. Each if used is paid off every month.

We have RV club cards, discount cards, emergency RV cards, license registration, and insurance. Those alone make a bundle. So that is why I went to cargo pants so it is not in my back pocket. I tried my front pocket for a while, but that got bulky and odd looking..

Anyway I have a few pants and shirts that just feel better so I wear them until they are worn out. I have a pair of shoes that are about 40 yrs old, they are Florshiem (?) and good still. I have at least one shirt that is 40 yrs old. LOL. That one is worn out but I still put it on at times.

I think maybe it is because I wore uniforms for years so wearing the same thing daily is something I am used to.

I don’t think I have ever been driven by fads after my teen yrs of Ducks tails, pegged pants and flat tops.

I am still enjoying life and probably look a little odd, maybe old, now that I think about it. But I am enjoying myself. Life is too short not to try and enjoy it.



PS: you notice I didn't have much to talk about, but thanks for coming this  way.


betty said...

I think we all have clothes that feel comfy when we wear them and we tend to wear those to "death" and have trouble parting with them when they become too raggedly to wear. I know I have a few tops like that. I'm amazed with the Florsheim shoes still lasting! They sure don't make long lasting products these days!


Unknown said...

It still amazes me that men have to sit on a wallet. Sometimes a fat wallet crammed with stuff. My husband in the last year or so has taken to taking it out when he drives. I don't blame him, sitting on that has to be uncomfortable. Loved the pictures from Wednesday's post.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

As we get older we can do as we like and ignore what people think. I wear what I find comfortable. I've been told I am a sex-symbol for women who do not care.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Most of my clothes are old but they are comfortable that is what counts for me. I'm not a high fashion person but these days anything seems to go. I think the idea of cargo pants is a great idea. My boys used to wear them too.

Mevely317 said...

I think you and Tom have the same wallets! While checking in at the eye hospital yesterday he was having difficulty finding his Medicare card; and I was aghast at ALL the stuff he'd accumulated.
Yes, cargo pants are great. But like blogger friend Sandra, I got myself a wrist wallet for those times I don't want to carry a big purse.

Happy Friday!

Chatty Crone said...

Jack you do enjoy life - that is wonderful!

Dar said...

I just today, put one of my favorite tees in the rag bag for Bill to take to the just had to go. We all have favorites that we wear til we no longer can. My problem is I have way too many.! lol I do carry a couple different size purses...tiny for just a couple cards and a $20, a med. one is my everyday size and a larger one for when we travel. I like having room for my point and shoot camera, it's charger and of course, my phone, (of which I only take when we travel.) As for your wallet, I wish I could get dear hubby to wear the cargo pants. I'd think they're so much more comfortable than jeans...oh well, he's my country boy.
loven'hugs from up north where we had a friend load and take out of our yard, two vehicle that have been sitting for 8 yrs. No more eyesores....

Glenda said...

My go-to clothes are ones my big dawg can jump up on, cause he will want some loving. If I'm going out to the store, I exit through the front door and tell him "I'll be back" and he knows I will. I carry two purses, one stays in the floorboard and the other has my cards and ID except for checkbook and health insurance card and miscellaneous. Works for me, several times I've had to run to the car to get something, like a check for my co-pay. Love from down here, Glenda