Monday, July 26, 2021

Little things

Memorable little things:

For today:

Kitty Kallen hit the charts with "Little Things Mean a Lot" in 1954.  I remember it very well.

Throughout life little things have always meant a lot.  At times the smallest of items, actions or personal completions just make you smile all over.

The hand wave in my youth was something else. When a local policeman took time to wave, hey that was a thrill. Then there was the fireman! AND then at the top for most boys was an engineer from the old steam engine as it chugged by; then there was the trucker!

Then my first ‘experiment’ wrapping a copper wire around a little flash light bulb, holding the light to the + post of a battery and touching the bottom with the other end of the wire, the light lit up!  WOW that was something to a 2nd grader.

There is a big construction job across from Mavrick’s house. He waves at the truck drivers. Now they hve stopped to shake his hand, the boss gave him an orange jacket and other stuff, that kid caught their hearts, I think he will remember that.  I know Matt and Kiersten will, the house stays dusty and cars red from the dust. LOL

A few weeks ago son Mark left a gob of dirt and rust here. You could tell by the shape it was a little 3” truck. It sat on the shelf in the basement for a while. THEN it got to me, I had to see it. I wish I had taken a picture of the GOB!

I soaked it in soapy water, then in Mineral spirits. One could tell it was a combo of metal and plastic. I scrubbed and scraped it. I could tell the name, it is a Buddy L toy, I have never heard of it, but evidently well built.

Here it is taken apart.


In the center above is first the windows (faded green) just above is the rusted body. I had already cleaned the little vehicle.

Now the finished rehab.  The finish is rough because it was most eaten by rust.


This little fellow is 4” long and about 1 ½ inches high. Fits in the palm of my hand.


Yep, sometimes it is the little things that tickle your funny bone.




Glenda said...

There are four of my brothers who would grin big-time at seeing that little truck, refurbished. They all drive trucks and also remember, as little kids those wonderful trucks that they had in their Christmas stocking! What a sweet remembrance, Jack. Lots of love heading your way, share with the kittens and Sherry!

betty said...

Lots of hard work "restoring" that little truck, Jack! I think its neat how the construction workers took the time to spend with Maverick and got him some cool stuff. You are right, he'll not forget this for a very long time!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

What a lot of patience to clean and restore that little toy. Well done, Jack. Congratulations my friend.

God bless.

Mevely317 said...

Ah, boys and their toys! 😃
I certainly wouldn't have had the patience! Something you said the other day about Sherry only needing brushed off (v. you dunked in lye soap) ...I wonder if that's not what Mr. God does to us his children. Making us all bright and shiny again.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Most little boys do seem to love construction sites and all the heavy duty equipment. What a thrill for Maverick. Nice you took the time to restore that old truck. It's almost as good as new. You may have started a new hobby. And I'm sure it's easier than restoring actual old cars and cheaper too. HAVE FUN !

Woody said...

WoW, Nice Job on the Trucks and Jeep, I don't think I have the patience to to it ! I used to slow down and "Wave" or just Stop and talk to the little kids out playing and always got smiles and Waves Back and Giggles and Laughter, Talking today most Police Officers ride around with their windows rolled up and avoid the contact with the Kids as they are not warmly received they said. Times sure are changing ! Glad your Busy, You 2 Take care, sending down Love from the North Country ! Gary an Anna Mae

Dar said...

Fine job, Jack. Any little boy would love playing with your restored truck. I also love doing that but I haven't ever done a toy that small. This ol'gal loves restoring furniture. Now to get in the hayloft to find another project.
I love that the construction workers took the time to make Maverick's dreams solid. Maybe that's what he'll do someday.
loven'hugs from up north where Bill has a ham in brine that he'll smoke in a few days and I've been cleaning the pantry and the broom closet. Always a chore to do.

Lisa said...

Good Job! I remember my brother used to love to put together model cars. I wonder if they still make those.

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