Tuesday, July 6, 2021

From Jumping Rocks to Homesick

  Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


For today:

Dar, from the woods of Wisconsin, said it well about her ‘grandloves’, they still go barefooted and jump rocks in the creek. (As I remember that was sort of a game to see how far you could go in a creek, jumping from rock to rock). Simpler things for entertainment.

You guys and comments cause my mind to go places. I was pretty good with a slingshot. I remember tying a kite string around a rock and shooting it over a limb to use that little string to pull a much bigger rope up for a swing.

That relates something to me. Little things can lead to larger things. Has it happened in your life?

Most USA families are patriotic. My first few years of life was during WWII. My brothers enlisted in the USN. Mama feared for them and constantly prayed for their safety, along with her's and dad’s brothers.

Mama could use a sewing machine. Remember the ‘Treadle Singer sewing machine’s?’ I had some of the best army and navy uniforms as a 3-6 year old. That ‘not so small a thing’, set my mind to the military. I cannot remember NOT wanting to be in the military.

That little thread pulled me into the USMC at 16-17 years old. Why am I talking about this? First of all I just broke the rubber on my sling shot that I am trying to use to get a string over a limb, LOL.

Along with that I have an ‘ear worm?’ My dad was a preacher so I know all the words to many hymns. Other songs I only know one or two lines. The last couple days I have been singing:

“Home folks think I’m big in Detroit city.

 From the letters I write they think I’m fine,

But by day I make the cars, by night I make the bars,

 If only they could read between the lines,



As I sing that loudly, with no one listening, I remember (60+ yrs ago), Parris Island and how my 'military' dream was a nightmare for the first few weeks, I was so danged homesick!

I hoped I would wake up in Belmont and smell mama’s breakfast, I wanted to BE HOME!

Have you ever been homesick?


PS: Yeah, I got over that 'nightmare' and later joined the USAF and then the USN, I planned to experience all branches but didn't have time. LOL
Short Kitty action:


Unknown said...

You know what they say "once you sign up your life will never be the same" and I guess that's true. My brother was in the Air Force for 20 years. I'm sure he missed many of mom's meals at the time. He's now a civilian and I do appreciate his service as I do everyone who has served including you.

betty said...

Playful kitties!

I think my worst case of homesick was when I was in 4th grade and our Girl Scout troop went camping just for the weekend. I just wanted to be home so bad; missed my mom and brother/sister. Was so happy to get back home with them!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thank you for sharing your memories with us, Jack. Times gone by. Those kittens are very playful. They are so active at this age.

God bless.

Mevely317 said...

Wow -- your mother sewed that uniform? What an accomplished seamstress!
Funny, I didn't think I was ever homesick for my hometown. Then, a new-to-me blogger friend who lives there published a series of photographs she'd taken on the road from Santa Fe to Los Alamos. The whole rest of the day I entertained (silly) thoughts of taking a road trip.

Love the video AND getting to hear your voice again!

Dar said...

Thanks for the shout-out Jack. My Grandloves, all dozen of them, still rock hop even in their 20's. Life is as fun as we make it. Cute kitties...love that stage of play. I was most homesick when I lived on the east coast away from family. I'd come to realize just how important they were in my life and still are. I also remember and have recently used a treadle sewing machine. It'll be mine someday, I can dream. They work magically. My Grandloves also know your trick of pulling a larger rope around a high branch, taught them by their dad, he was taught by his dad and Bill was taught by his...Wonderful adventures.
loven'hugs from up north where it rained all day yesterday, we needed it. Now to find the rock as they are all deep under the water.....in a few days I'll rock hop......yes, I still do but with water shoes on. lol

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Home is always best no matter where we go. Traveling gets old and It's good to get home again. My mom always called her parents farm home and for years when I thought of home, I did think about my grandparents place. I'd get homesick for the hills of West Virginia.

Lisa said...

I’m sitting here thinking…….I don’t think I have ever been home sick. But of course, I’ve never been too far from home so It’s always been at my reach. I’m afraid the home sick will start if I loose my parents.