Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Trends, bottled water

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It takes a genius to turn a 93%+ profit on his finished product.

Much of my family drinks bottled water; as does most of society today. Me? I still use water fountains when one is near. I have no fear drinking water from our faucet. I assume that nowadays most folk drink bottled water. I am not here to throw stones, but to clarify ME. I have consumed water in over 20 countries, GITMO and several ships. I cannot remember drinking in Mexico, but knowing me I might have. Dentists there provide bottled water (for USA Citizens) for rinsing your mouth after work is completed.

It is publicized that water in Mexico is dangerous, but I didn’t see dead bodies lying around.  (Yeah that is sarcastic!) I understand one can consume something bad for them and built up a tolerance for it.

As a kid I drank from rivers, creeks and springs along with my dog. Now the rivers are cleaner than when I was a kid.

 I don’t see the reason to pay more for something to be bottled, that comes from my faucet.  I am not sure if folks give bottled water to their pets.  I am not sure who uses the ice made by your refrigerator from city/well water.

(NOTE)If water for sale does not cross state lines it is not controlled by the FDA.

Most companies that make and sell ice use the water from city or well lines. Cities monitor their water daily and MUST notify the citizenry if it falls below standards.

Bottle water in the USA is a 5.4++ Billion dollar business. Environmentalists, should think of the plastic that adds to our environment. (80% of containers are NOT recycled!) WE in the USA consume an average of 44-58 gallons of bottled water per year. Someone is drinking mine. LOL

For us there are exceptions, in an area where sulfur water is prominent or the water has a bad smell, I still do not fear it, just prefer not to smell it. LOL, If you are around it long enough you tolerate it and later just ignore it. We did that in Biloxi, MS when we lived there. At one time Florida had some stinking drinking water.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I don’t care if you boil every drop of water you consume. It doesn’t bother me if you only drink bottled water.  But please don’t look at me like I am drinking snake venom if I drink out of a water fountain or garden hose. ;-) I have survived over 82 years now. LOL

My soapbox for today, sorry to take up your time, but thanks for dropping by.

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PS:  However, I sure would have enjoyed the profits in business that the water bottlers of today do (wish I had thought of it!  ;-)).

PS2: There are some folks who say I am just cheap! (There could be something to that. LOL)



Mevely317 said...

Do you read minds? 😉
We were just talking about that day before yesterday. Tom's like you, but I'm all about my Dasani. I probably go through 3-4 bottles a day. It may be all in my head, but I can even tell the difference in the taste of different bottled waters. In the end? Simple pleasures.

PS - I remember in the early 60's my parents built a little rental home in Punta Gorda. After the first night I don't think any of us drank anything but soda pop. Disgusting!

betty said...

I remember going to Universal Studios back in 1984. Couldn't find a water fountain anywhere but could buy bottled water. Another way to get money out of you. And charging 5 dollars for bottled water at movie theaters. Ridiculous! I drink a mixture of tap water with lemon and bottled water myself lol.


Chatty Crone said...

I have to say that you might be wrong in some of the situations you listed. lol
I have filters on my fridge and one in the kitchen on the faucet. Bottled water at times.


for years i drank water from the faucet. no incidences or trouble. but a while back i was told how dangerous it was doing that. so we got on the bottled water craze. did that for a while until hubby lost his job and eventually retired. bottled water is too expensive. so i'm back to drinking it out of the faucet.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Do not worry if you drop ice cubes. It is water under the fridge.

I never drink boiled water. Too hot.

Why is it, if bottled water comes from underground springs millions of year old, does the bottle have a "use by" date?

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I only drink bottled water these days. I don't like the taste of our city water. I don't buy soft drinks so I think of this as one of my simple pleasures like Myra said. I too prefer the taste of Dasani.