Sunday, July 11, 2021

Jury duty and throwing stuff away

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

1951 Ford,  The brother of Lisa who comments here owns this beauty. I remember when that dude hit the show room.

For today:


I just received a letter from the clerk of court about juror duty. It is an odd thing here in our house, Sherry has been called a couple times to serve and I was never called during the time I could have served and ‘heard’ what was said.  I have been called twice since I lost my hearing.

Funny thing though, in the past few weeks I have thrown away things I KNEW I would never need again, One was door insulation used on the new style doors, I said, I have saved this for years and NEVER used it, out you go. Now I see a need for it. LOL

Then there was the letter I have held in our family filing cabinet for MANY years. The signed doctor’s statement sent in the last time I was called saying I could not hear well enough to be a juror. Yep not long ago I THREW THAT OUT!

Of course I do not need that now since I am too old to serve unless I want to. So I simply used age as a reason  instead of the hearing. BUT THE POINT IS I SAVE STUFF BECAUSE I MIGHT JUST NEED IT, then decide, hey this is useless. BUT that is ME in caps…

Ever throw something away and need it later?


PS: Dem kitties:



Lisa said...

Thanks for the shout out on my brothers car.
I have been called for jury duty a couple of times but never had to go. I would like to do it at least once.
Those kttys are cute. I think they like to show off.


My Tata's Cottage said...

That car is a real beauty. Oh my goodness. My neighbor Art has a real beauty too. He takes it out for a spin most weeks. I am not a fan of jury duty. Colorado has no age limit for jury duty so they expect you to go. I have been selected but not called to serve. I think a better system would be to let those who love serving do it. I know lots of people who LOVE to serve. My friend Sandy's husband was once called on a grand jury. The selection process is daunting but he served. The cat video was so sweet. That is how those kittens get into your heart, their cuteness. I am blog hopping and commenting while my mind puts together my posts for tomorrow. I hope you both have a wonderful new week.

Unknown said...

That's why we save everything, cause the minute we throw it out, we'll need it. That's just how life is right?

betty said...

Hubby is of the philosophy of never throwing anything out because you might need it again. I go with the flow and think if I need it, I'll just replace it. I didn't throw it away but when we moved several moves ago we had 2 whisks. A big one and a small one. I sold one of them at a garage sale but then found out a few months later my hubby liked to have both sizes available. So just bought another one :)

Would be interesting to see how they do jury duty these days if there are partitions between jurors or what. Glad you good get out of it with your age :)


Victor S E Moubarak said...

I see what you mean. We all keep things we don't need Justin Case!

God bless always.

yaya said...

We're going through our basement storage room and tossing stuff. Jack always wants to save stuff for the one time in 20 years we might need it. I'm more into throw it out!

Mevely317 said...

I used to be a 'keeper' of all things paper. But ya, there's been more than a few times I've regretted tossing something aside. When in doubt, I've begun taking pictures of important documents (eg, vaccination cards, insurance cards, etc.) with my cell phone to have in the event my purse is lost or stolen.

Love the video! Did you name Ace after your late cocker spaniel?

Woody said...

I read about throwing things away and then needing them, YUP, When we moved from next door I gave away a lot of things I wish I had now, Pry Bars, Post Hole Diggers, Axes, etc, etc, A lot of the stuff went to my son in law and he still has it so it's not hard to borrow. I still have 5 filing cabinets full of names, pictures, info on family members and possible family members an boxes of pictures which I am glad I never sorted and threw away ! Back to watching it rain and watch the Grass Grow, Take care down there an stay dry ! Love from the North, Gary an Anna Mae

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I use that excuse all the time and hold on to way to much but yes, when I do get rid of it I wish I hadn't. I only had jury duty one time and am glad I'm now to old to go. I hated having to judge what someone else had don and it wasn't easy listening to what they did either. End the end I didn't have to serve, but went through two very trying days until they picked the jury.

Dar said...

Those darn kitties sure do get to your soft heart. So cute. I also received a jury duty note but never was picked to serve. Bill served once on a week long one that he didn't mind serving. The state lost that one. He said the whole process was very interesting. Me,? glad I wasn't picked. As for stuff, yes, it's the way it goes. The minute you toss it, you need it....that word comes back...' might,' the reason you kept it in the first place. Have a good one
loven'hugs from up north where the weather is so favorable for gardening. I have some catching up to do...ha, weeds sure grow fast when you're gone for a weekend.