Saturday, July 31, 2021

Simone Biles and other folk.

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


And then in the late 40s Studebaker did this!

For today:

I have heard in my life time, “Some people ain’t got the sense God gave a Billy Goat!” I have said that this week.

Some fool who can’t walk or think straight said this week that Simone was a national disgrace. WHAT AN IDIOT! When he found out that ‘OUTSIDE HIS PERSONAL FRIENDS AND ENCLOSURE’ most of us think different.

I wouldn’t attempt what that lady does if I was 18 years old with 17 years of practice!! Neither would 99.9% of the rest of the world. I think she is a Texan and the detractor is also a Texan, what gives what that? No state pride? Stupidity?

Now, I am sure MOST of the folks reading if you have witnessed just ONE of her ‘routines’ (Her’s is not routine!), you had to have said in your mind “WOW!”.

ANY person who can qualify for the Olympics MUST be head and shoulders above others in their field.

I must be honest, I have never sat and watched the Olympics on TV. It is not my cup of tea. But I have watched the news snippets enough to know these athletes are the top of the top.  I honestly hope the dude that was ignorant enough to make that statement loses all respect in his ‘supposed’ area of expertise (if there is one). I would not trust a person who was that ignorant of public opinion, in politics, he ain’t too smart.

Now I said that I want to say about NASCAR drivers. Hey, I could do that, only 160-170mph, 12 inches from Richard Petty’s bumper with cars on both sides. Piece of cake.  (Of course my pit crew would not be able stand the smell of the inside of my vehicle, and I would have ruined my clothes and the front seat. LOL)

Opinions are just that, just a few brain cells tells a dude from NYC not to make fun of Robert E Lee in a red neck bar in small town Mississippi.

The same goes for a Redneck from down here to be in a bar in Rochester, NY and say Ulysses S Grant was an idiot.

We all have opinions, we are made different. BUT evidently not all of us have common sense……  Just sayin’.

Also, in London,  if you are a sailor in uniform and in a bar near Piccadilly Circus, a couple things you should not do.

1.       Challenge a British Swabbie to a game of Darts and bet him 50 pounds you could beat him.

2.       You don’t say anything nasty about the Queen.

So much for my soap box today. And yes, I admire Ms. Bile’s talent and Athletic ability. I can do that without knowing her religion or politics.

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betty said...

Not watching the Olympics this time around, as well as most other sports, because so much has become political with them. I think Simone Biles did what she had to for her mental as well as physical health. No "armchair quarterback" should judge her as they have not walked in her shoes.

I would love to meet the Queen of England. We could talk corgis for a long time I think!


Mevely317 said...

Tom's been watching the Olympics, but it's not really my cup of tea. Sure, not getting to witness Simone triumph again was a disappointment ... but I'm incensed about that IDIOT's comment. (Idiot's actually a nicer word than I'm thinking.)

Only the other day I read on FB about a Russian Olympic gymnast who was pressured into performing against her own instincts. There was an accident resulting in her paralysis and she later died prematurely.

yaya said...

I usually catch the Olympic updates on the Today show in the AM. I feel bad for these athletes that have been waiting an extra year for this event. A year can make a big difference in a person's life and the pressure these kids are under is incredible. I was sad that she couldn't compete but she knows her limits and let's face it, after these games are done most will be forgotten until the next competition. So I'm glad Simone listened to her heart. I applaud her courage and her grace to stay and cheer on this wonderful gymnastic team. That's true gold!

Glenda said...

Adding applause to all of the above comments. This is very likely my most "Proud of you Jack" moment. That had to be a bitter pill to go through what she went through, the hell with naysayers, IMO

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Unless you have walked in somebody else's shoes you cannot possibly know what they are experiencing in life. A little more love and understanding goes a long way towards making a better world for ourselves and others.

God bless.

Lisa said...

I have always felt bad for these athletes. Most are sent off at the age of 2 away from their families to train. Most have no choice and think this is the only way of life. I have not kept up with the olympics this year nor the news so I really can’t speak on what happened here. I need to go look her up and catch up.

Happy Sunday

Dar said...

Jack, what a wonderful tribute to these hard working, dedicated athletes that muscle thru each day, not for money, but for the honor of representing their country. We have been watching most of the Olympics and are so amazed at their strength. I so agree with Victor. We have not walked in their shoes and have no right to criticize. Personally, it took a lot of courage for Simone to fess up to her own inner mental health. I applaud her as well as her upstanding team. Always be kind.
loven'hugs from up north where we are having a fair weather day but with air allerts due to the smoke from the fires in Canada. God be with them.