Sunday, April 3, 2022


 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 Sometimes an old truck will help you think!

For today:

… think profoundly (intensely) and at length; meditate:……. i.e. "he sat morosely contemplating that last decision!"   -----------------


There are times when you are not in ‘top shape’ you wish you could just “BE at the ‘perfect’ place to just look over your past, and think of the future. Then you could try to learn your own inner most desires for yourself. Since no man is an island, we must contemplate how our desires affect and effect those close to us.

How did you handle your children’s teen age problems?

Sherry & I walked and talked.  We still do that today, well that is ‘did/and will’ once I get out of the doldrums. Back home I use the little woodsy wild area or the basement, to just think. BUT just now on my ‘screen saver’ a picture caught my eye. This was taken in Idaho:

I remember seeing this guy (barely visible light shirt, center) sitting in an ideal place to ponder, contemplate.  Rough tough landscape, but a beautiful alcove. Does that look like a great place to be alone with your thoughts, your God; ideal for contemplating LIFE!  Maybe knowing yourself, if that is possible.

Thinking……. Be careful, it is Good and bad for you.  LOL



PS: My sister would say:

“Money does talk. But all mine ever says is goodbye."



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I used to wish for those quiet moments in order to think, but now I have way to many quiet moments to myself. Thinking too much can can be bad. I had no one to talk things threw during my children's teen age years, but I did pray a lot. Thanks to the good Lord we made through those tough teenage years and everyone turned out OK!

betty said...

We walked a lot too during our kids' teenage years. Koda got a lot of exercise during that time lol :) That place in Idaho does look like a very restful place for one to sit and contemplate and pray! Sometimes it is good to think and sometimes it is good to let the mind go blank. Too many thoughts can clutter up our perspective at times about our situations. I hope it is a peaceful day for you and Sherry, Jack!


Mevely317 said...

Unfortunately, Tom and I don't really TALK-talk that much. Still, we respect one another's space. Remember Rick's 'thinking bench'? Tom's bought himself one of those, but he's most comfortable sitting in the little workshop out back. No matter the venue, I believe communion with one's own thoughts is holy.

Susan Kane said...

Idaho is one state that I have never visited.

Our teen years parenting was touch and go,in the sense that one girl would had a social disaster, the other girl was happy, Our son was a balancing act. BUT we had such great adventures with them.

Glenda said...

This is precious! I keep reading, however I need to do my nails and a hundred other things, but I keep thinking "Go to Shipslog for a majic moment" and then I'm lost in the Darnell's world!!! It is always enjoyable and Jack's perspective is so "Spot On" I come back EVERY time there is a post.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I think I'll give up thinking. It hurts my brain. Thinking is for intelligent people.

God bless. Praying for your healing.

Lisa said...

I spend most of my alone time in my car coming and going to work. Nick has his alone time walking each day. But we have our parent and other talks when we go walk together. Everyone needs time away from the world. I feel closet to God when I am alone in nature, weather it be in my back yard or facing the ocean.