Friday, April 29, 2022


Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

1931 Buick


For today:

Growing up much of the fruit I ate was wild. Blackberries, plumbs, muskadines(?), cranberries, and some peaches and apples in the woods.

When I have walked the woods with sister Kat and Sherry in past years they looked for Persimmon trees. Persimmons are squishy fruit, to slick for me. I never was crazy about figs either, the girls were.

Blackberries every year brought about families going picking. It always took me a long time to cover the bottom of my bucket because I ate so many.  We also seemed to get ‘chigger’ bites that itched like crazy. BUT mama’s BB jelly and BB pies were worth it.

I don’t even remember hearing about ‘blue berries’ they definitely weren’t part of my childhood. BUT my girl has become a Maine Wild Blue Berry lover. She has them with her cereal in the mornings.  We have met some wonderful people traveling, Al & Judy from Milbridge, ME are two. They came to Florida every winter, but in the summer they ran the ‘Brown Box’ pie company. Their specialty was blueberry pie. I even loved those.

MA on her blog mentioned BB the other day and I thought of Al & Judy. Blueberries are grown on low bushes in Maine. Al and Judy said they ‘raked’ all their Blue berries, I asked, Raked????  “Yes” they said, “Up here we rake them we do not pick them. Below is some examples of harvesting Blue berries.

 Above is the tall BB bushes of Florida where they are picked one or two at a time.

Above and below are BB rakes used on the low lying bushes of Maine. We saw many of these bushes along the roads wild.. I am sure MA said Maine produces 25% of our countries BBs.
I just thought this was interesting when Judy said  "We rake all our Blue berries!"  I have never asked, I wonder if the low bushes will not grow in Florida. 


PS:  Quotes that sing:

Faith in God includes faith in God's timing.    Neal A. Maxwell


moondustwriter said...

I think faith in God's timing takes alot of faith for most humans. We are sending off one of our families to the mission field. They just want to get there but as you learn through life every journey, every blue berry we pick has a purpose.
Enjoy those travels - we wish we could have a Tardis it would be easier to get us and our stuff across the pond.

The Man who would lead - Zelensky

Mevely317 said...

I remember harvesting blueberries one Minnesota summer, but for the life of me I can't recall the process. I'll never forget, however, sitting around my grandma's kitchen table and enjoying them with fresh cream. To this day, blueberries are one of the FEW types of fruit I enjoy.

PS -Those rakes are ingenious!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Great ideas those rakes. I wonder if they have the same for strawberries.

God bless.