Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yesterday was moving and confusing day. We didd something on the trip we usually do not do. We took toll roads. (these pictures were snapped without looking through the view finder, I am just snapping)
As I said it was a confusing day. I spent most of the day reloading what I could of this system.
The pictures are out of sequence, I appologize to anyone who got a lot of notifications of this entry. I kept dropping off line and losing my entries, so I had to do it a few at the time. This was our approach to the final Toll boot, total tolls about $46. WOW!

This is my view of the tow vehicle, our 1995 Odyssey. I thought it was a nice vehicle until I started hearing about 2002 clunkers being traded in. 2002 that is NEW!

This is our view from the picture window of our home. (I think that is John & Paula hauling cows) What the heck are they doing in New York or Mass.

The Appalatchian trail crosses this Interstate here in Mass. It goes over the road on a road bridge. WE we have walked here before.

Heading into New York.

Sherry keeps her lap covered as we ride (If she is not driving.) Here She has our directions, reservatins, Map book and she is reading her Bible. If you rode with me you would become an avid Bible reader. LOL
I got this quick shot without looking as we finished crossing the Hudson River.
Yep, we took the route to New YOrk City, but we are not going that far South.

Just after we left the interstate he saw this huge corn field in Rondout Valley. I know that is not huge compared to the ones in Nebraska, Kansas etc, But it is big for here and beautiful

This is a ZIP LOCK bag. Some sandwich bag huh?
That is what this computer was returned in. I am saving it for a snack pack. HA!
Thanks I am closing. Hope I make it in time.
NIte Shipslog.
PS: bye from New YOrk
Just trying to keep the rubber on the pavement, and the home between the ditches, you do the same.


Paula said...

Don't know what we're doing hauling cattle in New York but we have the windshield sticker for the toll road. It was on there when we bought my ole Blue back. That sandwich bag will hold a sandwich large enough to eat on for a month.

Jack Jr said...

Those bags are great for keeping dirty clothes in until you wash.

Lucy said...

I like Jack Jr. use for the bags a little better than Paula's. I think the sandwich would get a little stale. How about a hot sausage sandwich, maybe with a scrambled gg, oops forgot the e. No wonder Sherry carries a bible in her lap. Take care you 2.

Woody said...

I reaaly thought I would see you pulling in the drive way, You were just under 3 hours from Carthage when you went under that Albany New York Sign!!!*LOL)!!! Drive Safe, be careful!!

Anonymous said...

Well I would say you are a longggg way from home...but then I remember...your home is where you "park" it LOL...and well if I was riding with someone driving a bigggggggg RV...on a busy road...listening to "jill"??? and taking pictures to boot...I would be reading my Bible too...outloud if I could LOL...Sherry is a wonderful patient person I all I can say...and the wedding pictures...and the boys isn't it something that after we marry...the different ways we do things from eating to sleeping to just about whatever LOL...but all in is a wonderful life!!!! hugs from Ora in KY

betty said...

when I saw Sherry's picture I wondered if she was reading a Bible, then I read that she was; awesome!

so how did you end up on the toll road? mistake or by choice to save some driving time?

California has a few toll roads; we accidentally ended up on one 1 time and by the time we realized we forgot to pay toll (we went from one to another and didn't realize we had to get off the one to pay toll before going onto the other one) they had snapped our picture and we got a hefty fine in the mail a few days later. It was shortly after we had moved down here so I told them we weren't evading the toll, we were confused since we were new to toll roads; I sent in the whole fine. They refunded our penalty part of it and just kept what the toll would have been.

and then there was the time my son paid a toll on the road of $4.35 in pennies. He said people behind him were not happy as he counted out his money

I'm glad you are were you want to be safe and sound


Anonymous said...

I love the zip lock bag, lol!!!!! Oh gosh, your post reminded me to keep change in my pocket for the toll roads when I get on the road!

Terri said...

Shew...I don't miss those toll roads around here...$46 wow! Love the ziploc bag...

I sure have missed you the pics

Love ya!
Hugs Terri