Friday, September 18, 2009

(rated X)Together.... This was forever!!! (danged Bra hooks & catches)

This is a copy of my '48 Chevy Convertable.
See how much happier she is around me than the rest of her Beaus, they are forgotten now!

Sherry and I Pretending to play house with Mary Ann's Daughter Debbie (This is probably after we are married, I have loaded so many pitures rejected by blogger I am confused (again.)

Snap shot of Sherry and two nieces, Brenda and Vickie.

Shirl moved to an apartment with Dee, and had found a playmate in Charlotte, so I had the whole upstairs to my self. This is her Husband to be Jim (This picture was probably after the marriage. I am off a lot today. (Only today?)
X rated, Grand kids should not read!!!!~

Wow, the memories that flood back. This girl acted a little interested, but she was not falling over herself to show me a lot of interest. I think it was a full two weeks before we went to Tony’s Ice Cream Shop again together. We had a lot of friends, but once we started dating our constant companions were Von Dale and Martha. WE probably double dated more than single dated.

When Tuck Drove we had the backset to ourselves. I learned the REAL meaning of NO! I probably heard that as many times as Tuck did. When I just knew she would FORGET that word, there it was sometimes quiet, sometimes LOUD but it was ALWAYS THERE until the wedding night. But I had fun trying (and that was just to cop a feel). When other teen agers were bragging about their conquests, Jack had to be quiet and listen. Once I was married, I knew those boys were lying. Ha!
We discuss things now about that time. Sometimes we wish we could have been more open, but who knows? Things may have been completely different considering the times and attitudes. WE have learned not to judge young lovers, and just hope they have a great a life as we have had, with all our faults and mis-steps.
I remember once I got my hand up under her sweater (IN BACK), and figured how to release those stupid bra catches, hey with one hand, I was cool, just knew this kid was headed for heaven! She sweetly said, “Fix it back.” “With one hand? You crazy? She turned slightly allowed me to raise the sweater (BEHIND). She had/has a beautiful back (I gave it a massage last night)!!! It took me a while (wonder why) but I got it fastened back. Stupid catches!
WE had a couple lover’s spats. Once She was not speaking to me. I do not remember the reason, but she had left a pair of shoes at Martha’s house. I took them back to apologize, but she sent Johnny to the door. I gave him one shoe. Later I took the other back and she finally came out and we made up. I was glad it was a pair of shoes.
I had the 1948 Convertible we had a lot of fun driving around in it. One night after a date, Von Dale and I were riding and I flipped it. I thought Tuck was killed but he was thrown out on the roll. I had a couple cracked ribs, but the car was in the ditch, back on its wheels lights on half moons turned on the lights to give it a crosseyed look, the radio was still blasting, ‘Gonna Rock around the Clock to night’. Bill Haley didn’t care if I had just ruined my dream car!!
Thanks for following me down memory lane!!!
Nite Shipslog

Back in mid 1950, you could hear these dire predictions in Belmont, NC:

'Did you hear the post office is thinking about charging a dime just to mail a letter?

'If they raise the minimum wage to $1.00, Nobody will be able to hire outside help at the store. '

'When I first started driving, Who would have thought gas would someday cost 29 cents a gallon.. Guess we'd be better off leaving the car in the garage.

'I'm afraid to send my kids to the movies any more.. Ever since they let Clark Gable get by with saying DAMN in GONE WITH THE WIND, It seems every new movie has either HELL or DAMN in it.


Lucy said...

Jack, I am shocked!! Nah not really. I just knew you were not as perfect as we all were led to believe, You are human and oh my, this is to much for a prude like me. If you believe that you aren't as smart as I thought, Take care you 2 and keep on remembering.

Helen said...

Cute entry. Can't imagine what you would have done with a front clasp bra LOL. Helen

Paula said...

Like all the pictures. The car is beautiful. I have neices named Vicki and Brenda too plus a bunch more. Oh and one named Sherry.

shirl72 said...

Oh me oh my and your Children and Grandchildren
are reading this what a shock not to mention your Sister. I cant' wait for you to get an comment from them and it will be in person. Love the car that is the one you let Dad drive while you took his to the beach. The police stopped and said Doc do you know your son has loud mufflers on this car have him to quieten them down when he get back into town. They knew Dad. We got a good laugh. What our parents had to deal with having the two of us.
We didn't turn out to bad.


robert said...

Once I reached that age when hooks would become interesting, went to a clothes shop which had a section for female underwear and tried to un-hook them with closed eyes.
There must have been various faces looking, only imagine their comments, however learned to play with them ;)
Please have a nice weekend !

Woody said...

Hope you have a great week-end!!

Oh Yes, I remember the ole- One handed un-hook em trick!!!

For a while I thought the only words My Honey knew were "NO" or "Stop-That"!!!! LOL!!!

betty said...

all your pictures you post are great, I especially like Shirl's with her Jim. Very nice looking couple, as you and Sherry are a very nice looking couple.

I said it before but I'll say it again, good for Sherry for saying "no". A true lady she is/was!


Terri said...

HAHAHA...loved the honesty in this entry...teens will be teens..we've all been there!

Love the pics...

I love when you take us on a trip down memory lane :)

Love ya'll
Hugs Terri