Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I know you are glad, today is our Anniversary!!! #53

I have discovered a major problem in my computer system. When Staples replaced the hard drive in this system, they put a 50GIG drive in and it was supposed to be a 500GIG. It is ten times smaller than it is supposed to be. Therefore I just got amessage that my hard drive is full and the system cannot operate properly. So just awhile ago I unerstand soime things. I cannot see my new photos that I have downloaded. So below is a blind shot of what we done today.

Our 53rd Wedding Anniversary was great. We decided to drive thru the Catskills to see if we could see some fall color before we depart day after tomorrow. We got on some good back roads, We stood on the road for ten minutes once and not one car passed. I love that.

Eagle eye Sherry spotted a Doe and her twins. This is one fawn. I missed the other in guessing what was on the pictures. I thought this is like Paula said her husband and a fried done to newly weds. tore all the labels off their canned goods.LOL

Here is Mama allowing Sherry to take the picture. I stopped the car for her to take the picture.

This tree is prettier than the picture.

We walked out to these falls. These are the highest falls in NY State. WE climbed 500 ft. and about a mile and a half to see them. There is a top fall into a holding pond, then the lower falls they are not giant falls but very pretty.
This is some color and a vierw of a ski slope just North of Mt. Hunter.

Another view of the falls. I am guessing at what will come up next.

This is a little color, but I like the cedars and pines along the road. This is a large YMCA horse farm deep in the Catskills.

This is a neat Castle. It is now a home for Boys.

This is where I passed this tree. and parked . We walked back up the road to take the picture, no cars passed. And this is in New York.

Just to show the road we drove on, it was peaceful. A great drive.

More of the road. This is a lottery picture selection.

Something about the Catskills different from what we are used to int he South. Folks live in this State/National Forest along some of the roads. Families must have owned when the land around was donated to the State.
The first trail we hiked today. Heded up Hunter Mt. Through these columns. You can see they at one time comprised an arch. There was a nice dam in about three qurters of a mile. It was a broken dam, but had been at one time a substantial dam and body of water. Makes one think, what was it for?

Oh, here is a picture of that dam. I walked out on it to get a picture of the break. YOucan see it is a pretty good size dam. Ther is about twenty feet gone where you see the white water pouring through.
Well that is a scattering of our trip about a hundred miles. We ended up driving back to Woodstock, NY. Ever heard of it? It is where we thought the Woodstock Concert of great fame was held, it was not. It was held 60-70 miles from here at Bethel woods.
Anyway the last itme we were thru Woodstock we bought the best T bone steaks we ever had. WE finally think we found the market. And we bought us two steaks for tomorrow. So we are going to be celebrating three days, don't know if my heart can stand it.
I almost forgot. WE ended up with our dinner at Red Lobster, Sherry's favorite place to eat. I just love those cheese biscuits. We had the broiled seafood plate. the fried is better, but I splurged on eggs for breakfast and..............
Thanks for coming by the log.
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robert said...

Love the picture with the arch, which one still can see - what a reminder of life, standing maybe in distance, but always connected by the winding way of love, maybe sometimes not seeable, nevertheless able to feel.

Helen said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Sherry. Sounds like you had a good day. Great pictures.
Sorry that they messed up on the hard drive to your computer. Hopefully you can get another one put in later. Have a nice rest of the week.

shirl72 said...

Beautiful pictures, Glad you had a good day.
Food sounds good. You are celebrating you Anniv.
as long as I celebrate my Birthdays. Go for it.
They only happen one a year why not?


Paula said...

Happy Anniversary to you both but you look too young to have been married that long and you can hike too well. Have many many more.

betty said...

Happy Anniversary Sherry and Jack! I love how you spent your day! seems like a little of everything you enjoyed; hiking, good sights, good food, etc :)

wishing you many more years together!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking us down "memory lane" to your Anniversary...it was fun and I saw alot of things I would never have seen without you, Sherry, and your rambling RV!!!! LOL...here's to many many more hiking days together....and "honeymoon nights" too...sometimes being young and dumb about some things is better all around...for all of us LOLOLOL...again...happy anniversary...hugs from Ora and hubby in KY

Terri said...

I'm a day late but Happy Anniversary Jack and Sherry!!!! Looks like ya'll had a great day...love the pics! I love steak and I love Red Lobster..those Cheddar Bay Biscuits are the best..yum! I sure hope Staples fixes your computer the way it is suppose to be for you...

Love & Hugs

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I love the doe! Happy Anniversary!!!!

Melanie said...

happy anniversary!!!!