Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jackie before Sherry II

That is Sherry on the right, and she said she stayed at home waiting for me!!!
That is me, just over Grandma's head stone. This was Grandma Darnell's funeral, Yeah that is Shirl on the right of Mom and Dad.

This was a picture we have of Leonard Von Dale Tucker. Sherry got this from one of his many girl friends, I didn't write that crap on the picture.

This is the cool dude, I had a sore on my left ear at the time, I still remember it.

Above is one of my sisters during our time in Shelby.

The same sister, probably High Shoals.

Very few pictures from Albemarle, but this is Ray Sides. He was cool, he had four goats with 'real long horns' that pulled a wagon we all got to ride in.

Little Jackie when we moved to Burlington. (probably first grade)..

My oldest Brother Odis Darnell, home on leave in Shelby. Odis had a little problem with authority, he remained a seaman. Jr.(next oldest brother) advanced to First Class Gunner's mate. Odis was a Boxer, never lost a fight.

Ruth Davis Darnell, Od's wife. They had three boys: Howard, Harold (Bub), and Harry. Of the entire family, Ruth is the only one living today (80's). She is in an assisted living center. This is one of the nicest women I ever knew. He daughters' in law still call her blessed and look in on her.

The continuing story "As the stomach turns, Jack before Sherry, this is our anniversary month, we were REBORN as a family on the 22nd,"

While Sherry was sitting in Belmont waiting for us to get there, my life was exciting. WE moved to the country, the community was called High Shoals, NC.
Tom, our family cat, jumped out of his box he had been moved in, and ran off. No amount of calling would get him back. Somehow Tom went back to his home in Shelby, about 40 miles.
Mama got us up one night, went to the back door with a gun and shot into the air. Someone or something was bothering her chickens.
Shirl fell with a glass pitcher in her hand and cut her had real bad. The girl could scream, especially when dad poured Alcohol on the cuts.
Shirl let me ride on the back fender of her bike.
High Shoals is where I was smoking rabbit tobacco and set a fire that burned many acres of broom straw.
Our closest neighbors were ‘colored’, which was a politically correct term at the time. I loved that family and had such a great time playing at their house. (that is where we (Shirl, yeah neat Shirl) and the rest of us played in the barn and jumped from the loft into a big soft pile of straw and manure that had been raked from the barn.)
WE moved to Burlington, my best friend there was Sonny Turner.AT six years old, I had never eaten in a restaurant. We ate at one there with Sonny and his family. I was embarrassed because Shirl and Sonny kept drinking their water and asking for refills when they found out the lady would do it. They drank at least ten glasses full.
The War ended while we were there, what a celebration. I also went thru the 3rd grade.( I was trying to hurry to get to Sherry who was patiently waiting at home for me to grow up (her comment, I still am!)).
We next moved to Albemarle where I met my lifelong friend Leonard Von Dale Tucker. Don’t you just love that name? The kid was tough. We had air rifle wars, he and I could whip several boys at a time. Tuck did not mind being shot, he charged in. Of course I watched his back! LOL
A funny thing happened, well not laughing, funny but…. Shirl and I were in the same elementary school. We were called to the principal’s office (I didn’t know where it was, having never had to go, but Shirl was very familiar with it.) We were told, “You kids run home, your dad is dying.” It was a mile or so and we ran most of the way. Now my dad was tough, but whatever this was, was rough. I got to see him, for a second. The Doctor was with him. Dad was literally yelling at times when pain struck him. Later we learned it was kidney stones, not life threatening but terrible painful.
I will finish Jackie before Sherry later. Thanks for coming this way.
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betty said...

love the pictures of your growing up days; I think its neat you are still friends with someone from your childhood; me nor hubby have any of those friends left but its neat to still have a connection to the past with someone like you and Tucker


Paula said...

Oh my goodness I have so many comments on this one now I forget. All I remember Shirl jumped into manure? Love the pictures and the story.

shirl72 said...

Paula they told me they were cow patties.
I think I used an umbrella when I junp from the
loft of the barn. I think this was my first time going to a real farm with animals. I even
volunteered the Church Bus to take us on that
field trip.

The above picture my hair-do was fixed by my sixteen year old Sister. That was the hair-do that was popular with grown-ups not a 6 year old. I think she thought I was her play doll. When we got into trouble it was Jack's fault.
You doing good Brother. I hope you show picture
of brothers sitting in the moon.


Melanie said...

cow doo doo?


robert said...

You are surely lucky to have these pictures still, as I am wondering where mine are.
Nice to read about the way life was, when I still was future.
Please have a nice new week.

Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like you guys had the best of the best times...running free...jumping from the barn loft into crap??? well I was going to say something else but then I remembered who I was and where we are LOLOL...and Shirl...the umbrella sounds like a good thing...but it covered the wrong end considering what you were jumping into LOLOL...and sure glad Dad was ok...but I bet back then those kidney stones were terribly painful...and the have so many and they are so cute...!!!! more more more...I want to read more...LOL...hugs from Ora in KY

Lucy said...

I wish I had our original family pictures. I loved looking at yours. You had a more exciting childhood than I did. I was born last and , well I remember one time when our city cousins caught us in the hay mow and pelted us with rotten eggs. So I guess I do have some excitement but I just remember the ucky smell. You and Shirl must have turned your moms hair white.