Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Changing the oil in our home.

I know you were all crying when you did not get to see the complete Sinclair Oil Truck the other day, so here she is. It is about a 1936 Ford.
The Pumpkin Patch RV folks have decorated more this hear. Here is pictures of the entrance.

I love the old wagon wheels.
The guy in the red shirt, runs this Roach Coach. He was clowning for me. In another life I operated one of these. Sherry bought a diet coke off the truck, it was fifty cents! I was shocked.
I got that about thirty years ago.
This is practically like the truck we owned. It was a good job, but not one I was thrilled with. But it sure brought back a lot of memories.
The first day we took our Roach Coach out, I burned every sandwich.

This is why we were able to see the Roach Coach, We had our house in for service. Doesn't everyone take their house in for service? Sherry is talking to Shirl on the phone. And believe it or not, Shirl was having her car serviced in NC at the same time. Of course our bill was about fifteen or twenty times what hers was.
But we do not have an electric or gas bill and never pay to have the grass cut or to have the gutters cleaned. HO HO ! no that is HA HA!
We still have not figured how to get my computer from North Conway in New hampshire yet. As a matter of fact the last time we checked it was not even repaired. But We will check this evening or tomorrow. OH tomorrow is Wash our house day, hope the wind dies some.
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I just heard from nathan Odom from the Mts of NC. He read about us meeting Bill Irwin. He has a friend who knew Bill when he was making that famous AT hike. Nathan is a surveyor. He has read the book, 'Blind Courage.' Sherry just finished re reading it and I started. I am still amazed that Bill attempted the hike and more amazed that he completed it.


shirl72 said...

I want you to buy the truck that is the year I
was born. Oh my goodness did I tell my age.
I bet I spent more shopping than you paid to get
your home serviced. But I did save a lot getting everything on sale. My yard man does not pull weeds he just cuts the grass, does edging and blower. I sure it would be more expensive. I sure my CRV was less expensive.


Anonymous said...

I know someone who owned & operated a hot truck in the 80s. I was amazed at what a good living it was, & he did enjoy it very much. But he charged a lot more than that guy.

There used to be a diner in town called the Roach Coach, for obvious reasons. I like burnt sandwiches.~Mary

Paula said...

I like that truck, its my age.

betty said...

you are so mean to Shirl; I can't believe a 50 cent coke! those were (are) the good old days

if I ever saw your roach coach, it would have been fun to get a meal from you; I'm assuming eventually you learned how to cook without burning everything