Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What we bought!

Funny thing how an anniversary causes conversations about the early marriage. I have mentioned that our first ‘house’ was a 26’ one bedroom trailer.Many folks have travel trailers larger. It was like a castle to us, Sherry loved it. Looking back our first purchases were laughable. I took a birthday present and bought a used Black & White TV. Dad & mom never owned a TV but Sherry had. I hooked it up and was sitting about two feet in front of it. This is no exaggeration, an actual conversation between my bride and me.
“Hey Babe, look at this ain’t this great?” says I.
“Honey I can’t see anything on that, it is so snowy.”
“Yeah you can look at this; I think this is a man over here!”
Honest truth you could not see anything but shadows moving around. Sound was off and on. I had been took!!!

Then there was a mixer. It was brand new with two bowels and a little metal stand. Cost was $25. Payments $6 a month for five months. We did not need a mixer, but everyone had one!
But I want to tell you we were so happy. Married as kids and joined for life. It has been great.
I will attempt to up load one picture. If it don’t go you will know it.
Thanks for coming this way.
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Helen said...

When you are young and in love what does a small place matter? Guess the picture didn't come through. I don't see one. Helen

Paula said...

Isn't it funny when we look back now? I had one of those big ole mixers too then my in laws bought me a portable one and I still have it and it still works. The big one I sold at a yard sale to an old classmate but we didn't recoginze each other until we got reaquainted years later and figured out she had bought that mixer from me. I think she might still have it where she lives in Arizona

shirl72 said...

I don't think I even had a mixer. We lived in
a house that was designed by an archtitect that
lived next door. The house had a flat roof and
leaked. It was a horrible design. I think it was his first project. It was small. What we
do when we are young and in love. Glad you have made it this far. Just Think I am living in one of your designs with a place to park your Motor Home. We have come a long way Baby.


robert said...

We bought us a mixer as well, together with cooking pots, forks and knifes, even though rarely used, still have them a decade later. Until now she is also the only person that watches TV, as I prefer to read, nevertheless, still in sharp-as-a-knife-love.
All the best to you two.
On a different subject: got to know two other Marines and both of them are as well happily married, there must be a secret known to those men ;)

Lucy said...

Just an all around long love story that continues to get better and who could ask for any thing more.

Sheila Y said...

I still have the hand mixer we bought when we were first married and it still works fine. (knock on wood). Take care, Sheila

betty said...

LOL about the TV and mixer; I think most young married couples get "taken" with something like the mixer, perhaps a vacuum cleaner or dishes that is needed to make life easier :)


Debbie said...

Everything we had when we got married was used, most of it still is. The first mixer I had came from a yard sale and I gave a quarter for it. It lasted 20 years, the mixer still worked good but one of the beaters broke. I sure hated to have to go buy a new one, I know it won't last near as long.

I'm glad you & Sherry had a nice Anniversary. It's a shame they can't seem to get your computer fixed right. I was looking forward to seeing a picture of those big juicy T-Bone steaks you bought to celebrate. My mouth was watering just reading about them, haven't had one of those in a long time. I hope you enjoyed them.

Love & Hugs

Sandra said...

I burnt out a few mixers ( couldn't afford the good kind) now that I don't need it I have a nice big one and a hand mixer and all other things I don't really need now..... I needed them when we were just starting out and I had to do a lot of cooking with our 7 kids..... funny isn't it...... Now I could give it to my children but they don't really cook. go figure

Woody said...

Hope your Day was a "Great One" !!


Gary & Anna Mae

Unseen India Tours said...

I Feel you had a great time !!Unseen Rajasthan