Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Alabama for awhile

Rural Alabama, honest country, hard working folk and good Americans. I remember George Wallace. Most folk put him in a category of ignorant, he was far from it. He was a great debater. I enjoyed his debates when he was running for president. I even leaned a little to supporting him because he had some answers others did not. He picked some high profile stands that hurt his cause immensely. When I read 'A walk Across America', by Peter Jenkins, I was awed by his impression of Alabama. Nothing prepares you for the Yankee's opinions and happenings. When he walked into Alabama he read the name. 'George Wallace, governor', of course to Peter, George was the ultimate RED NECK.

Peter was tormented by a couple Red necks in pick-up trucks. if I remember because of his long hair. He was hassled a little by a state trooper for walking along the road. Someone had told him the governor was easy to talk to, he determined to see.

He went to the Governor's office, the governor fit him in to his schedule; he was amazed at the meeting and was shocked at the candor and friendliness of Governor Wallace. Later he was stopped by state troopers who only stopped to find out if there was anything they could do for him. The Governor had put out the word that Peter was to be given any assistance he needed. He changed his opinion a good bit, of course not enough to change his political beliefs which were contrary to the average Alabamian, but his respect for folks in Alabama was forever fixed for the better.

WE, like Peter Jenkins, have found Americans to be wonderful loving folk. From all over this great country we find kind, considerate and concerned people to be in the majority. As I think about it, that is probably the same all over the world. There are more good folk than bad. The problems occur when the BAD get complete control, and we like Sheep follow until someone decides enough is enough.

I once worked with a great guy who was a farmer under Hitler. Like he said, you had to be there, to understand how they were cowed and kept in fear. He and other farmers knew if they did not produce, they could easily be shot and someone else given the farm to make it produce. His philosophy was, "That incentive helped you fix a tractor without parts, even plow twice with smaller plows, anything to keep things going. You would have been amazed at the German people who wanted to see the Allies come to town."

Today is voting day. I hope you all voted, and voted my way!!! As one commentator on AOL said, "Folks are mad and don't really know who they are mad at!"

I only hope that the new (or old) politicians (regardless of political stripe), know that we are tired of politics as usual. Did you notice that with two big wars going on, no one wanted to hang anyone for that?

Thanks for reading this drivel,

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'll go vote later after my grandbabe is picked up today so I've not been out yet. But I will. I try to never miss a chance as it's a freedom that we have and lots of others don't. Hope your day in Alabama farm country is a great one!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Hey guys & gals....
We voted early and stuck with the SNOB theory.....SendNoOneBack....!!
Snow on Thursday.....!!!!...yikes...!! need peanut butter, bread, milk and batteries....sounds like south FL in hurricane season...!!


Sheila Y said...

Hope you enjoy my old stomping grounds...and by the way, we say 'pee con' not 'pee can'...ha. I meant to add that last night but our internet went out for a little while. Take care, Sheila

Cher' Shots said...

Heading out to vote - I like the SNOB theory.

Paula said...

Laughing at Sheila's comment. We say pa-con.

Fred Alton said...

Jack, what you right is never "drivel". I always enjoy your stories and your views of things. I may differ some - but very little! ☻ Well, Frances and I voted today! I now anxiously wait to see if enough voters showed up to make a change in the direction this country has taken in the last few months. God Help our citizens to see the right paths to travel!

Anonymous said...

An impressive compass of and for life.

Please have a peaceful Wednesday you all.

betty said...

I like the SNOB theory on voting; it is time to get some fresh blood in there, I think

I agree with you, Jack, I think there are good people anywhere (in this country and of course the world). We are all so basic, we want to be loved, to love, to have a family to raise or look back at the family we raised, to have at least the basic comforts, to laugh, etc. If we looked more at our similarities instead of our differences, I'm sure we would all get along better.

voted early this morning :)


shirl72 said...

I'm to young to remember any of this.LOL Haven't
ever missed my chance to vote. Lets just hope we get a change.