Friday, November 5, 2010

If this gets on the Blog, please see the anon comment below. Sorry for this entry! jack


Anonymous said...

Haven't seen a lighthouse in ages ... thank you for sharing such peaceful a sight. A safe and good road ahead for you all !

Anonymous said...

Okay here I am commenting anon on my own blog. I can't get back. The system has quit four times now and I lost all except the pictures.

The pictures are of our entry into Biloxi from I-10. The pictures also went on backwards. This one was FUN????
Jack the lost

Sheila Y said...

Traveled that road many times, mostly back and forth home to Opp when we lived in Texas. I know the 'system' didn't cause any bad words. Have fun in Biloxi...stay out of the casinos...ha. Take care, Sheila

betty said...

poor you Jack, to be unable to access your own blog! however, the pictures look cool!

we can only hope tomorrow is a better one!


shirl72 said...

Love to see the pictures. Jack I know your
computer is confused when trying to get a signal.
It doesn't know where you are. It will find
you and you will be back on track. Have fun
with your long time friends.


Fred Alton said...

Wow, Jack! I don't know what I expected but the pictures look like Biloxi has made a comeback after Katrina. I wonder if the USCG runs that lighthouse. Also, is that the Bay of Biloxi with Ocean Springs? or??? I'm looking forward with excitement to your next blog about the re-union. Oh how I wish I was there. Have a great time!

Monica said...

Well, you may be "lost" in the cyber world. I enjoyed the photos and hope you are enjoying yourself.