Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall......

Mirrors are a wonderful thing. We are so used to them we take for granted we are seeing things as they are, when actually we are seeing everything backwards or reversed. When you look in the mirror and you have something on the images right cheek, you reach immediately to your left cheek to wipe it off and off it comes. It all works well until you try to read something via mirror, then the real difference shows up. That is why Ambulance is ecnalubmA (except the letters are also backwards), on the front of the emergency vehicle. So you can read it in the mirror.
There are image reflectors that generate exactly what a viewer sees when looking at your face. When you use one of these you are completely disoriented. I had the privilege of running into this situation once.
A rear view camera that I once installed had a small switch on the back that read: “As is seen” or ‘Mirror image’. I set it in the ‘As is seen’ mode; big mistake on my part. It is hard to explain but the ‘as is’, view was actually like you were looking back over your shoulder (or facing to the rear) not like looking in a mirror. You can get confused which side a car is actually approaching on.
So if you have a little dab of mustard on you left cheek and look at an ‘as is’ image maker the mustard will appear on the images left cheek. It is as confusing to explain, as it actually is.
Anyway we grow up with mirror images and get so used to them they are easy to work with until I start to cut my own hair(quit laughing, I can remember having hair), then I cannot get my hands to go the way I want them to. Women can get used to the real image mode because they use two mirrors when doing their hair, which actually shows the true image in the second mirror.
I know you are glad I brought this up. It is one of those things that does not make one bit of difference in our lives.
Sherry uses a magnifying mirror doing her make-up. When she finds the right size she is happy until the stand breaks and she has to start looking for another and cannot find the exact amplification. How can you tell if it is a 7x 8x or 10x mirror?
So thanks for coming by for a nonsensical entry, okay, a nonsensical blog. Hahahahaha!!!
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shirl72 said...

I use a magnifying mirror to put on my make up when I look in the mirror I say Lordy my wrinkles looks like a crater. Then I remember to turn it over and they don't look to bad but they are still there. Thanks for educating me
on mirrors. A necessity in today's world.


Sheila Y said...

Whew, I think I'm a little dizzy after all that...ha. I wanted to have snow here for you when you got back, but it is all turning to rain. Better luck next time. Have a safe trip back, Sheila

Paula said...

I'm so glad you explained all that to us and why does the side mirror on the passenger side of a vehicle have to be the way it is?

jack69 said...

Paula, that is the government's way of over protecting us. They want a broader view on that side, hence the convex mirror to cover more area. Besides that is the side the NUTS drive on!!! They want you to see them but BEWAREOBJECTS MAY APPEAR FARTHER AWAY THAN THEY REALLY ARE (Or something like that, hahaha)

Anonymous said...

Me again, just found a quote by a 'Claude Darnell' - thought you might know him; it can be read at the site called: "It's a Small Town Life".

p.s.: wonder where my first comment went, anyway, just wanted to say that this is a great entry of yours which I'm glad to have read a few hours before flying back. Please have you all a good Wednesday.

Fred Alton said...

Until I read this post I had been considering giving myself a haircut. But now??? I'm thinking I might cut those three hairs on the left side of my head when I really want to cut those on the left! Maybe I should go get a haircut at the barbershop...but they are so expensive for just those few hairs. I asked one barber for a discount since I didn't have much hair. He replied that he was not charging me but half price for the haircut - but then there was that "finder's fee" that had to be added!!!

Fred Alton said...

hahahaha - see how confused you got me? I meant to say I might cut the hairs on the LEFT side when I meant to cut those on the RIGHT side!

jack69 said...

I know fred, I'm confused hunting mine my self!

betty said...

usually I try to avoid mirrors, LOL :) But you are right, it is hard to try to cut your hair using a mirror, it just doesn't seem to work quite right (at least for me :)

I'm hoping you are feeling better?


MadSnapper said...

I use a magnify mirror to do makeup and to put drops in my eyes or to see anything on my face, even with my glasses on. Mine was my mothers, it has a squeeze thing that attaches to the wall. when she died in 1990, she had used it for years and years, i asked Daddy if i could have it, it has been on my wall that long and is now getting decrepit and i worry what i will do when i need another. i bought 3 different ones to put in my suit case and they are not the same.
thanks for stopping by my post yesterday. I envy you the traveling. my husband is a stay at home body and i would love to travel. he is 74 and has lived in 6 houses in his whole life, i lived in 6 before i was 10 and lost count. since we married 25 years ago, only 2 houses. phoooey. now i can say I am just a tad envious
almost forgot to say spectacular photo

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm sure my mirror must be broken...I see this old lady in it every time I look and I am sure I wouldn't look like that at all...Mental image in this case is better than the mirror image. I do hope you both have a wonderful Wednesday anyway!