Monday, July 4, 2011

The Fourth OF July, Independence Day

The folks in the 1700’s thought this country was strong enough to be itself.  So they declared our independence. I’m sure, like all of the British possessions, we could have lived under the English rule, many places did, the British empire was huge and far flung.  Our Canadian neighbors did; they have survived nicely. However we did not wait, and with the help of France, we won our independence.


It is a sore spot with some, but history pretty well bears it out, without Benjamin Franklin going to France and getting assistance, we would not have made it. As time went on we paid France back in Spades, along with the British and other allies, in the mid 1940’s, France was liberated from the dictator Hitler.

dont tread on me

Last night we walked down town Belmont to watch the fire works, our small town was packed.  It is sorta funny as we remember this small town, and knowing a lot of folks here, that ain’t the case anymore. The mills are shut down and now our claim to fame is a bedroom for Charlotte, NC. Where mill hill boys mixed breed dogs used to run loose for everyone to feed and pet, now we have the pedigreed dogs on leashes.


We within a 1/2 mile of where Sherry lived when I met her. She lived on the Imperial Mill Hill. The houses have long since been razed and homes up to a million dollars are there now.  A far cry from the four room mill houses for 25 cents a room per week rent. I think the most rent reached was $2 a week. I think that included water and sewer. Now? Mansions there, with manicured lawns.


The development is called Hawthorne. Sherry lived at 129 Hawthorne St. I wrote many a letter to that address.

Anyway the fireworks display was good, the walk was good. Sherry declares she would not like to live in Hawthorne.   Hawthorne St is no more. It is now Ft. Williams Drive.


I am glad we have our Independence of course, I am so sorry many folks on all sides had to die that it could be so. So to all Americans “Happy Independence day”. Lets Appreciate it and love your country.

God Bless America.  Thanks for coming this way,

Nite Shipslog

PS: (dedicated to Ora’s Chaplain husband, Mixon!)

Amy noticed that her father always paused and bowed his head for a moment before starting his sermon. One day, she asked him why.
"Well, Honey," he began, proud that his daughter was so observant of his messages. "I'm asking the Lord to help me preach a good sermon."
"How come He doesn't answer it?" she asked.

Sorry, Sir!

Nash Metropolitan #2

We saw one of these on the way to the fireworks. This is a Nash Metropolitan. 1950’s car


Glenda said...

Beautiful and thoughtful entry, LOVE all the flags!

betty said...

LOL with the sermon joke!! glad you guys got to enjoy the fireworks; always fun to see them! It is interesting how towns change over the years; what stays is usually little compared to what is torn down and reconstructed it seems like!

I'm glad I live in a free country but I agree with you Jack, lots of lives lost for that freedom indeed!!

Stay safe today Jack and Sherry!


Rose said...

I loved the part when you said "Sherry lived at 129 Hawthorne St. I wrote many a letter to that address"!

Memories, nice to have memories.

Happy 4th.


Helen said...

Nice that you had a walk down memory Lane even if it has been changed to something else. Nice that the mill st houses are now mansions. Happy 4th to you and Sherry. Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy 4th to you both! Wars are always sad no matter who you're fighting or where they are. I sure wish freedom and independence weren't so hard to have. Someone always thinks there way of doing things is better it seems. How great that you all can be there so close to where Sherry grew up. Lots has changed all over it seems. Where we used to have a housing shortage, there are now loads of house that people can't even sell. Hope you all enjoy the holiday!

Anonymous said...

Please have you all a wonderful celebration of joy, happiness, life itself.

(On holiday for the next nine days.)

Anonymous said...

Times have changed my friend. I take the occasional walk down memory lane as well and some things just can't be that little Nash. They were quite popular with the ladies back in the day.


Lucy said...

Your entry just about tells it all. Glad Sherry does not want to live on that street, since it is no longer there. Oh well, she made a good choice when she chose you. Did I just say that??? I think my mind is getting even older than my body.

Amelia said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your 4th. It rained all day here!