Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More paving…..

Last year we poured a slab at Mark’s house for our home base. A few months later he sold the house and we did not have time to move the slab, LOL. 

Asphaltmotorhomepas 001

Now, we have our ‘new to us house’, that we were going to settle down in, but we were born to wander. So Mark is renting the house and we have poured a slab behind OUR house and he cannot sell it. So today was the day.

Asphaltmotorhomepas 003

(All grass must be removed, Grass is the worst enemy of asphalt)

Asphaltmotorhomepas 004

(Sherry & I are supervising from the patio)

Asphaltmotorhomepas 005

(This is a Bob-Cat in the wild, I love to watch them work)

Sticky recommended Robert Mason out of Gastonia. This time I did get three estimates, and he was the best price. They started at about 9AM and I was shocked they did the grading added stone and it was completed except for the trimming by about 2PM.

Asphaltmotorhomepas 009

(Robert had an articulating Grader, I loved it also)

Our swing got used for breaks. I had a chance to talk to one of the guys, Mike Garrett, I knew his grandpa, Jack Garrett.

Asphaltmotorhomepas 025

(Robert (the daddy) in the swing, his son on the asphalt)

It was a good day. They like to lay Asphalt when it is hot so today it was HOT. They heat the Asphalt to 360 degrees when it is loaded on the trucks. They had two dump trucks. One driver was AJ, a lady truck driver. The other was Garrett, he was an all round guy doing about everything. 

Asphaltmotorhomepas 017

(This is AJ behind the wheel)

The last Asphalt man was not as good as these, and he had a crew of 7. Todays crew was 4.

Asphaltmotorhomepas 018

(The starting run)

Anyway, we now have a slab that according to Robert we can pull onto now if we want to, but I know it would be better to let it stand for a few days.

Asphaltmotorhomepas 020

(Robert kept an eye on the work)

I made tomato Basil soup again today, since we had fresh squash, I added two squash to the recipe.

I used a can of tomatoes

a can of  tomato sauce

a can of lo fat chicken broth (Yeah this is a can soup, LOL)

four carrots

2 squash

a bunch of honey ( I guess about 5tbs)

Three stalks celery

a Vidalia onion

tbs crushed garlic

squirt tomato ketchup

squirt of mustard’

tblsp lemon juice

tblsp some kind of vinegar.

Dash of Mrs Dash

tblsp crushed Basil

1/4 cup of oats (or thicken later with cornstarch)

I also added 3 pkts of sweet and lo because the honey didn’t seem to have it sweet enough.

I pressure cooked it for about 7 minutes then ran it thru the blender to give it that Campbell’s tomato soup consistency.

That is my day. Thanks for coming this way.

Asphaltmotorhomepas 029

Asphaltmotorhomepas 028

((The finished product, we are happy with the job, looks big enough for a church parking lot))

Nite Shipslog


People want the front of the bus, the back of the church, and the center of attention.


This one pretty Isseta. from the 1950’s. It had a BMW motorcycle engine. Shirl had one of these.


Anonymous said...

I've seen them lay asphalt and on a hot day, it's a bear. You need to be is shape to be able to handle the heat. Looks like they did a nice job!


Cher' Shots said...

Look at you ~ already getting that wanderlust! Some people just don't know how to settle down. We might catch up to you someday if we ever get things sold! And sharing a recipe - sounds very good! Will have to try it.
'love & hugs from afar'

shirl72 said...

The pad looks good I am going to drive by and check it out. I forgot on the way home from Church. I am glad you put your basil soup recipe
on this blog. I was going to e-mail and ask
how it was made. It is 100 times better than
Applebees. You made yourself proud and I am
enjoying every spoonful.


Ken Riches said...

Glad you have a new pad!

Paula said...

Looks good to me and yes it is big. Like that little car but wouldn't want to drive under a big rig in it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I often wonder how people can stand to do jobs like that in the heat. I'm having a hard time adapting to the heat here. It's as hot in Ohio as it was when we traveled down south last week. I'm spending a lot of time indoors it seems. Not what I'd planned on doing but after all the cool weather we've had this is a big adjustment. I chuckled when you said that pad of yours was big enough for a church parking lot. Take good care!

Dar said...

And what a great job done. Sticky recommended right!!!! Now, you have to get a bigger rig!
Sy loves all the cars you put on so you now have a new viewer. He still thinks you're pretty cool and plays with that magic scarf all the time. He wants to know where you got that magic book you showed him. Just tell me cause Christmas is coming.
Thanks for your prayers.

Helen said...

Those guys did a great job, at least it looks like it to me. That soup sounds delicious. Glad that you two made it back home safely. Be a good place to be until it cools off some. Helen

Fred Alton said...

Looks great, Jack! I like it. Do you think it's big enough for my mule?

BTW - did you catch any fish in S. GA? You may have blogged about it but I've been pre-occupied for the last few days. I'll go back a bit and see what I can find.