Thursday, July 7, 2011

We believe what we want to believe

(featuring pictures of classic RV’s)


(Listed for Sheila, Jean & Helen, Early Alabama RV)

Some of us believe the press is biased. We feel that there is an unwritten rule on TV & papers that this country needs to have a liberal slant. UNLESS THEY SAY SOMETHING WE AGREE WITH, then we say, “Hey, look, they finally got something right!”


I didn’t like the idea that many programs began to promote live-ins vs marriage, before I quit watching TV. It appears to me that movies and programs have a ‘conservative’ guy or gal, they are always the office clown or Dufface.  The alternate lifestyle guy or gal is the cool office person.


(Texas RV, Specially for Paula!)

I do not like it when a person is tried and found guilty by the press (UNLESS I THINK THE SUCKER IS GUILTY TOO!) Then it is okay, they deserve it.

I still believe in the court system although in my life there have been two incidents where I was found guilty when I was as innocent as Snow White. You actually feel like getting a shotgun and several boxes of shells and blowing the whole bunch to ….Well.         Well, that is how I felt.


(This is the Camera house, for us picture takers!)

You know what? I thought OJ was guilty. But in all honesty, only OJ and possibly one other person knows for sure.


(Specially or the Wisconsin bunch, It can double as a heated deer stand for mama!)

I received an e-mail once, the first line said: “I don’t know if this is factual or not, and I haven’t checked it, BUT I BELIEVE IT. Right then I thought, that is the way we are, we believe what we want to believe. We do that with gossip, we do that with news reports. Oh, and we love to hear something terrible happening to someone we just do not like. We spread the word, especially if it is Johnson, I cannot stand him. “Hey man, I hate to say this but did you know that Johnson’s wife has been seeing Billy down at the feed store? I sure hate that for old John (grin)!

Even good honest folk (like myself, haha) sometime act like that.


(We are working on getting this one, but I know Joe wants this for Lucy!)



(A classy RV for my friend Fred and the Boomer, A good view of the mountains as you drive)

But believe me, I like you guys, thanks for reading this junk!

Nite Shipslog


Little Johnny and his family were having Sunday dinner at his grandmother's house. Everyone was seated around the table as the food was being served. When Little Johnny received his plate, he started eating right away.
"Johnny! Please wait until we say our prayer." said his mother.

"I don't need to," the boy replied.
"Of course, you do his mother insisted. "We always say a prayer before eating at our house."
"That's at our house." Johnny explained. "But this is Grandma's house, and she knows how to cook."


Probably some good food here, at one time!

And finally for Betty  and Y and the rest of us who are cool!!!! The Amphib, they only want 1.2 million for this!




Cher' Shots said...

The way I see it, no matter what people think they can get away with now - they still have to answer to God in the end. LOVE the pics you shared of the 'mobile' homes. lol
'love & hugs from afar'

Cher' Shots said...

Loved your 'little Johnny' story too!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Thanks for the thought.....i think i just saw that "classy" one leave out the main gate....!!!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What you say does make sense. I've heard all those things over and over again. I'll believe it when I see it, is one of my favorite expressions. It is a beautiful warm day in Ohio! I'm seeing and believing. Have a great Thursday!

Helen said...

What do you mean early Rv's for us folks in AL. That was an early home LOL. I liked all of them especially the last one where you could fish off it. Now Paula's is a neat one. Thanks for sharing all those early campers and little Johnny's meal. Helen

Anonymous said...

I believe that the further with travel away from practical realities, the more we bitch & moan that life ain't fair ;o.

shirl72 said...

I guess you are still mad at the Officer that found you guilty of making the error on the road
in Shelby. I think I will just try to stay
out of trouble so I want have to use the justice system. "AIN"T EASY" I will take the last Motor Home.

Lucy said...

Shirl can I join you on the mobile home and Joe can have the one he thought Joe would want me to have??? Looks like the one you like may be air conditioned!

Fred Alton said...

All those old motor homes means people here in the U.S. of A. have always liked to travel. Maybe if I put my cabin on wheels like that I can out-run these rats! Seriously, do you know what my topic was when I wrote the Thesis for my Master's degree? "A Theology of Transition in the Ministry in the Church of God" (Why Preachers Move). One of the things I could now add would be "because they like motor homes!"
Oh - and thanks for the reason not to pray over the food at grandma's house!

Paula said...

Awww you picked just the right motor home for me. It has everything I need right there hanging on the side right down to the water keg with the community dipper. No germs I bet.

betty said...

LOL about the Amphib!! I ordered two, one for you/Sherry and one for us!! I can't imagine spending that much on anything!!

Our legal system does work pretty well; there are checks and balances with it. I think one has to remember that in order for the system to work, those on the jury have to really be diligent in following the instructions given to them and act accordingly, not on their own "gut feeling" or what they might want to believe. In the present "case of the century" I think the prosecution set their sights too high with what they had for evidence. I am thankful I'm not the final judge and he does know exactly what happened!


Amelia said...

I don't watch the news or read the paper. I would rather not know.

I also don't like gossip. People get hurt.