Thursday, January 17, 2013

The older I get, the more Birthdays I’ve had! (profound)

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(These are the earliest pictures of me)

I was born January 17, 1939. I was the sixth child to Frank and Grace Darnell. I was born at home like most kids in that time frame. When the older brothers and sister were ready to leave home, Shirl and I were still kids at home. The brothers joined the USN and served in WWII. Kat got married.

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Up until I was about 7 I didn’t mind being a preacher’s kid. I started realizing I was spending a lot of time in church, when I could have been our playing.(most folks would think that was good, but the kid doesn’t). Revivals were the worst, “Church EVERY night”. (I thought that could stunt my growth.)

During the 1940’s all churches kept their doors and windows opened during church services, there was no A/C. I learned If I could sit on the back bench (now pew), I could duck down and crawl under the bench and out the door, and go play like I was supposed to.

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There were times it didn’t work well, and I got caught, that was no fun, the world still believed in the switch and belt for the misbehavers.  But being pretty much of a rebel I thought it was worth it.

I had the best mom and dad in the world, but like many children I wasn’t too sure about that ‘ALLTHE TIME’.

Dad & Mom came from Georgia but there was not a prejudiced bone in either of them. For awhile my closest friends were from the black folks farm closest to Dad’s church. Mammy would not let me eat at the table with the Davis kids, her words, “Blacks and Whites ain’t supposed to eat together.”

scanoldpic7 032

(Shirl hanging cousin Bobby, Me & Guy Abee on the clothes line)

But when the Davis kids were at our house they ate at the table with us.  I now know that Mammy was pretty smart, she did not believe what she said, but she knew it was prudent in the 1940’s.

Dad was invited to preach at Black churches, pastors would ‘swap pulpits’, he loved it. Our church had some shouting and dancing when folk got happy, but in the Black churches, they took the cake, they loved to dance and worship. I sorta liked that too. There wasn’t much rhyme or reason to white folks dancing, but the black brothers and sisters had some ‘real smooth moves’! Shucks I wanted to do that.

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Enjoying birthdays or not, that is up to you, but as long as you are having them, you are alive.



WOW what a service station! Picture had to be in the ‘30’s.


Helen said...

Happy Birthday Jack. May your day be blessed.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Happy Birthday...!!
We are waiting for the rain to turn into gurus have upped the forcast to 12"....i'll believe it when i measure it...hahahahaha..!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A very Happy Birthday to you! You've had a wonderful life and not all can say that so I hope you are celebrating!!! Every day is worth celebrating in my books but birthdays are extra special for sure!!!

Glenda said...

Lunch with Aunt Nee, she said that her Mama kept special dishes used only for Hattie (who did the ironing)...she's also got stories about the Preacher's kids!!! And sends a very special "Happy Birthday" Greeting,and lotsa Love! You two are so very precious to her!!

shirl72 said...

lOVE to my Brother on his Birthday.
We have come a long way Baby.

Glenda said she has stories about
Preacher's Kids. If they are bad
it is because we had to played with the members Kids. hahaha

Hope you are celebrating.

Louis la Vache said...

Fantastic photo of you in the military uniform! Snappy salute!

«Louis» likes that Goodyear station, too!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Jack!!! I'm sure you are enjoying your day. It's a little windy here and they're getting snow up the road from here. Maybe up DD's way. Lol. My dad's birthday will be on the 21's he lived to be 76. You take care; I hope it doesn't get to cold down your way. Jean

Jackie said...

Happy birthday, my friend!!
What a handsome lad...Thank you for sharing all the photos. I love looking at each one.
I hope today is a wonderful day for you. Truly!

~mel said...

Happy Birthday Jack ~ so happy I can share my birth date with you:) Although you get 19 more candles than I do ~ thus causing a higher threat to starting a BIG fire and burning the cake! Love ya!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the very best !

And a great Friday for you all.

Chatty Crone said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!

I love to hear the stories of your life. You tell such a great one.

Like your freckles - my kids had them too.

And I love the spirit in charismatic churches. Just love it.


betty said...

So I was a day or two early when I wished you happy birthday, so I'll wish it again; happy birthday Jack! I love how you tried to sneak out of church to play; I think a lot of kids would have tried the same thing :)

You definitely did have great parents; I'm sure what they taught you still sticks with you years later!!

and yes, that is an interesting gas station; so big!

hope the day was a great one!


Linda :) said...

Happy Birthday!!! :)