Monday, May 27, 2013


A week ago, Sherry and I were out by the fire when she said, “Do you hear that? Sounds like a bird is in trouble.”  I couldn’t hear but I finally did see the Robin, it was screaming to beat all. Some black birds flew in, one at a time like the movie ‘The Birds’. Suddenly the Robin took off after one black bird and chased it away, but it kept screaming.

please be quiet sweetheart

((from the net, shut up!))

I couldn’t see if another bird or squirrel was bothering her nest, she finally settled down.

I was reminded of a terrible video from Denali in Alaska. A mama Moose was trying desperately to protect her calf from two wolves. One would distract mama and the other would attack the calf. The wolves increased about one every two or three minutes until there was four or five of them. You could tell mama was getting tired, and the calf was suffering bites from the huge wolves.

Watching the movie I was getting mad, why didn’t the moviemaker shoot a wolf? Do something to protect the calf.  Then I realized, this is nature. The fittest survive.  Finally the calf was killed, mama still was trying to protect the carcass, but it was a losing battle. She walked off at a distance to rest, knowing her calf was being eaten by the wolves. She accepted the fate and moved on.

Watch it only if you want to.  It is heart breaking.

Strange, I wouldn’t be sympathetic if the wolves were being attacked.

I thought of the times I have heard Paula talk about the dangers to their young calves by wild hogs and coyotes. Life is tough as a human, but even tougher for many animals in the wild.

I have seen an alligator grab a crane, and it scream a pitiful scream. It’s fellows would dive bomb and peck the gator but of course to no avail.  You had to admire the ones trying to help. Many times it is hard to see nature take its course.

This was just on my mind, hope life is good to you and your day is great.

Nite Shipslog


Some humans are wolves verbally, but I am glad they are few.


1958 Hardtop Packard


I never did see one of these, most Packards were the biggies with 4 drs. Seldom a hardtop do I remember.


Anonymous said...

I think it's normal to side with the prey as opposed to the predator, but the circle of life must play out without our intervention in most cases. I have killed black snakes before that were getting my baby birds, but this year I didn't interfere with the black snake that got the finch babies under the awning (not sure if they had hatched or were still in the egg stage). The black snake will hopefully take care of some mice. I certainly have more tender feelings for the birds than the mice, but that can't be justified on a purely logical level. The cycle of prey and predator is part of the fallen world that groans for redemption.
Now when it comes to humans, we definitely need to intervene when someone is preyed upon.



It is hard for me to think of nature being cruel. But unfortunately it often is. How sad too. But it's the cycle of life.

shirl72 said...

I cannot watch anything when something is being taken advantage.
I know that is the way they get their food I just don't want
to watch. I think the baby birds
are getting ready to take flight.
They were exercising their wings
this morning. That nest is so
small they are really crowded.
Second family in the same nest.
It is comming down when they go.
I don' want to raise anymore birds.

Paula said...

Yes nature can be what seems like cruel to us. I don't know what is going to happen to Josie. We didn't find her today but then her mama wasn't around either so probably they are together but it was odd mama didn't hear the truck and come running wanting cubes.

Chatty Crone said...

I was at first thinking movie - but this is a nature movie and yes it was so sad.

Nature can be cruel and it is survival of the fittest. But on the other hand it is so incredibly sad.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Here we've been visited by black birds, starlings, that like to scare away the smaller sparrows, finches and chickadees. They are bigger and make a terrible noise. I recently made the comment that they sounded like the movie 'the Birds' too. I really cannot remember at all what kind of birds were in that movie. Nature is beautiful and ugly at the same time, but I think we humans have no excuse to act like animals.

Lucy said...

This really took me back to farm life when I was a kid many eons ago. I hated that when some animal attacked another. Their screams are so pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Manfred's parents have hybrid wolves(his mother is a zoologist) & if they were attacked I'd cry ...

So much of life is cruel, but yet so much of life is kind.

Lucy said...

I am not sure about all the nasty things you told us about. I hate hearing an animal scream but I have and it sends chills up my spine.