Friday, January 10, 2014

Do you find change?

From the time I can remember I have slid my hands into the cracks of stuffed chairs and couches looking for money. One reason was we had no furniture as a family. Dad was a pastor and we lived in the parsonages, and they were furnished. I never once worried about sleeping in a bed that someone else had slept in, because that was the way I was raised.  But when we moved in I headed for the chairs to see what treasures was there. I always found something, most of the time enough to buy an ice cream cone.
Pay Phones.  Many  folks cannot pass a pay phone without looking in the change slot just in case someone had forgotten. I have found many a dime or quarter in there.  Not much of a chance now, Not too many pay phones left.
Ohhhh, car seats. When daddy traded cars, (always used during my childhood) there were always treasures under the back seats. There was only one problem, I was not strong enough to spring the back seat back in place, and daddy had to do it.
My son Jack took it one step further. If you have ever been to a Laundromat and looked in the dryers, you will normally see coins through the holes in the dryer drum.  I never knew how they got there and definitely did not know how to get them out. Son Jack would  do his laundry late at night. With a piece of wire he would slowly work the change over to the vent, remove the vent and get the money. Of course he chose dryers with no change to get for his dryer run.  While the laundry was running he fished for money. He told me many nights he paid for his whole laundry run. WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?

Where have you found change?  And YES Sherry and I both will still pick up a penny if we see it.
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I still consider a penny as money.  I hear  it costs more than a penny for them to make a penny.  That doesn't make ‘cents’ (sense)
1915Packard twinsixfirstprodfV12
Love this beauty 1915 Packard
Speaking of Lincolns:
1957 lincoln landau 4 dr ht
Above 1957 Lincoln  Below the Lincoln futura concept car.
lincolnfutura concept 1955


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always pick up a penny They are pennies from heaven you know. Anyway, yes I have change that gets put away in a charge for a rainy day too. Hope you have a fantastic Friday there. It's much warmer at 37 degrees here at almost noon today. Finally above freezing.

Chatty Crone said...

I have found some change the way you did. Mostly I see it on the ground! And I always always pick up a penny and it drives me nuts when people don't do that anymore.


shirl72 said...

I also pick up money that someone else has dropped.

I love to have change in my wallet
so when paying for something I want have to break a dollar and get more change. The only bad thing it makes my wallet heavy...

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the woman who went outside holding her purse open?
She heard there was going to be "change" in the weather.

bonnie k.

Rose said...

I always pick up a penny but only if it is heads up!

Hugs to my favorite couple!


If I see change on the ground I pick it up. Otherwise I do not go looking for it.

Paula said...

Love this entry. I've found a lot of pennies lately and most have been heads up but I pick the others up too. Jack is pretty slick to make money in the Laundromat. One of John's granddaughters used to search John's recliner when she stayed with us. She came up with a lot of change but always gave it to John and of course he let her keep it.

betty said...

How clever with your son and the laundromat! Younger I would always check telephone booths, but now the booths are rare to find! Honestly, these days I don't pick up money unless it is a dollar bill or more (which is rare to find). I remember the fun being a kid and seeing money on the ground and picking it up so I leave it, hoping it is a child that finds it next :)


Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
«Louis» picks up change, even pennies. He was delighted when he found 17¢ on the ground Friday morning. :-)

That Packard is the first year of the Twin Six. The Futura "dream car" was fully functional. George Barris converted it into the original Batmobile.

Back Porch Writer said...

We must always keep a quarter in our little change drawer in the car for........ALDI! YOu have to rent the buggy but when you return it it gives your quarter back! We used to find change in the car also when growing up. If you needed coke money just scrounge around the car! lol Have a great weekend!