Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This is really a small world

I have said that before. I remember once in South Dakota a guy knocked on our door and said he had read our name plate  his uncle was the Belmont, NC Postmaster. I knew his Uncle and had done business with him in several real estate buys.

scan1991-92 002

(We are not real tourists, this is as close as I got to the Eiffel Tower.)

But now with the internet your blog and my blog can be and is read around the world. It is hard to believe that folks from Russia, Germany, Italy, the Islands and India also Canada and the UK actually click on the Shipslog. some regularly.

If we can communicate this way, maybe it will eventually be a way to see each other in a more compassionate setting.  Maybe we can BE FRIENDS around the world and over ride the hate mongers who cause and actually want WAR.

scan1991-92 005

(My friend Buck and I in a Castle in Germany, this is a Huge Ceramic covered Furnace)

The internet could be a vehicle for better world wide understanding on ‘OUR level’ (The citizens) it can be a a vehicle for peace, we sure need one.

I miss Robert from Athens, he is a mixture of worlds, Germany and Greece. Of course Mort was always a blast even being as sick as he is. I know he misses his Mum. Mort’s flowers and love life was always interesting. And then there was Allie from the UK, what a dear. A computer crash just took her out of our lives,  I communicated with Amil out of India for awhile, and ‘Rainy Days’ with the blind Pugs of Nova Scotia (originally from Quebec, I cannot think of her name, it has been 3 yrs since she dropped off the radar). 

scan1991-92 006

(Another Castle in Germany)

Most of the folks who read your blog and the Shipslog, DO NOT comment.  We do have some solid ‘Good Will’ ambassadors here.

There is one thing that needs to be cleared up here in the USA. This is the United States of America. We also Americans.  But we share that title with our friends from the North, the Canadians and our friends from the South, Mexico and central America. WE are all Americans.  Shucks the folks in Argentina are Americans also, although South Americans. Winking smile.

scan1991-92 004

(Leaving the Senator Hotel in Switzerland, it still holds the record of the most $ paid for one nights stay! OUCH)

We really should get that straight.Open-mouthed smile The citizens of the United States of America are not the only Americans in the World.Winking smile

Okay, lets all set around the campfire and sing Cum by yah.  Or what ever that 60-70’s peace-nic song is.Smile.

Nite shipslog


You probably are thinking, what is this fool saying? ………………………….. Feel good about yourself………. because I don’t know either!Disappointed smile


another porblem

(Hello boss, Got this slight problem! could you bring a ladder?)

1982 ChryslerFifthAvenue1982 French Citroen_BX_front_20080621

Two 1982’s! Chrysler 5th and the Citroen.


Chatty Crone said...

Jack - I never ever thought of that. We can be American Ambassadors can't we?

I am Sandie from GA in a State of Emergency from ice. lol


shirl72 said...

It is a small world. Enjoyed seeing
some of the places you travel.
It is amazing what the computer
will do to get in touch with the world.

We are still having real cold weather..hopefully it will warm
up the week-end. The weatherman
said it would...Ready for Mr. Winter to move on.

Paula said...

Interesting as usual. I don't know how you think of so many subjects to write about. Leah my youngest lived in Germany twice and visited castles and places of interest there. Lynda lived in England and was able to see all the flowers from Lady Di's funeral. I think she said they were waist high in a place as big as a football field.

betty said...

The internet has made this seem like a small world, hasn't it? We can reach out and meet and talk with anyone it seems in the world that has internet available. Yet the internet can be a scary place too with predators who pretend to be someone else to lure young kids into their traps, computer viruses, spam. Always good for us to remember what we write is being read by those we don't even know and make sure we are being safe as we do so in our writings. Good post to think about.



It is wonderful to meet bloggers from around the globe.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are so right and we can do a lot by spreading some good will on our blogs. We really never know how our words will affect someone. Our words are powerful. Everyone is pretty cheerful here as we finally broke out of the sub zero temps and are getting up into the 20's. It's so good to think that by the weekend we'll go above freezing. More snow headed our way though. I'm just trying to hang on to the good thoughts. Hope you all are warming up there too.

Louis la Vache said...

The view from la tour Eifel is just amazing. Too bad you haven't gotten to experience that! :-)

«Louis» had planned on being an English teacher. He did his student teaching at Amarillo High School. One of his students was the great-great granddaughter of Kaiser Wilhelm II and she spent her summers at the Hohenzollern family castle...