Monday, January 6, 2014

Horses are Slaves? WHAT?


Okay, I will admit I don’t understand some attitudes so if you don’t like this one just hit the red X, but please come back tomorrow.

The Newly elected NY Mayor is going to end horse-drawn carriage rides in Central Park. His justification is that it is a form of animal cruelty.  Then on top of that another representative said it is a type of slavery, the horses are slaves.


“They are also forced to live in and breath the polluted air of NYC”.  I’m shaking my head and thinking aren’t the humans also breathing the same polluted air?  If the human is breathing it, maybe we should just eliminate the gasoline powered vehicles in the city limits.


I’m saying those horses are pulling a very light load for their strength. Using the slave logic, then isn’t a seeing eye dog a slave.  What about the K-9 drug, bomb sniffing and Cadaver dogs?


I do not know how far the animal rights people push this envelope, but do they protest against folks that sell an animal’s off spring, separating it from its family?  Are they slave traders?  The animal will never again see its mother. It will never visit its grandmother and be spoiled.


Yeah, I know I am being silly. I AM AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY.  No living thing should be mistreated, not fed or beaten.  BUT THE ANIMAL IS NOT HUMAN, only a few animals or fowls  form a family.  They seem to adapt to their environment without wanting to return to their families, dogs and horses just need someone to love and feed them  Smile(IMHO). Now cats? They are nobody’s slave Devil, and I am not sure if anyone actually OWNS one.Winking smile


I could be wrong in my attitudes and opinions, but I still have them. The horses pulling carriages are for a fact what horses have always been bred and used for.  (It is probably OK for the Budweiser Horses though. I am sure they get paid?)


Turns out there is someone (with money) who wants to build a high-end hotel where the horse barns are ( to quote one horse carriage driver).

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The mayor promises to replace the horse drawn carriages with electric carts with the same drivers. I hope the electric dudes knows Gee from Haw.



1953 Metropolitan Convertible by Nash


Louis la Vache said...

Noo Yawk is in for a rough ride, horses aside, with de Blasio as mayor. He's a Marxist (but then, so is the current occupant of the White House...)

«Louis» remembers when the Disneyland TV show launched in 1955, American Motors was its sponsor. He remembers an ad for the Metropolitan. The ad made the car look bigger than it really was. The Metropolitans were powered by an English Austin engine.

Chatty Crone said...

He is the same one that won't allow a large size drink to be sold? Helps the waistline.

Lucy said...

I agree one hundred percent with you. GOOD GRIEF,HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!!!

shirl72 said...

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don't know if it worked..why
we have to do this bugs me. Not
that easy..

shirl72 said...

I lost another comment.
I was trying to comment on the beautiful horses. Im sure they are
well taken care of the treated
very good.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» just heard on The John Batchelor Show on the radio that what is really going on with deBlasio ending the use of the horses in Central Park is a big campaign donor is calling in a favor. It seems one of the horse barns is on property adjacent to Central Park that this donor wants to develop....

betty said...

Figures there was someone that wanted to build a hotel where the barns were. Always comes down to someone wanting to make a lot of money so they decide something is illegal or cruel, etc. I totally agree with you, Jack, to me it is definitely not animal cruelty. Funny too how they are always so concerned about the "health and welfare" of an animal yet the same politicians will support abortion. Makes no sense......


Jackie said...

I say that the people of NYC voted for their dear Mayor. They are gonna have to live with his decisions.
Shaking my head....

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hadn't heard of that one at all. Hope all the horses find as good a home as the one they probably had. It's so cold here that my furnace is working overtime trying to keep the house warm. -12 degrees without the wind chill. The news says even Florida is cooler. Hope you all are keeping warm.

Jean said...

It's cold here in our small southern town, how's things down your way? I agree with you 100 percent. Take care and stay warm.

DD said...

If horses are slaves, then we are stealing milk from cows, eggs from chickens, wool from sheep, down from geese, honey from bees, on and on we go...
Good post and I could not agree with you more.
Very cold today and 42 degrees tomorrow.
Have a good night. :)


Carriage rides are part of the New York landscape. It just won't be the same without them. I don't want to see any animal mistreated. Surely not all of them are???