Sunday, January 19, 2014

The last of the Birthday reports

I cannot believe a birthday lasts three days, but then I haven’t been 75 before. We started off the day with coffee at the motor home.

For lunch they took me to a Chinese place. I like Oriental food.

Birthday 75 jack 002Birthday 75 jack 003

Then for a ride thru the villages and back by the Russell Stover Outlet store:

Birthday 75 jack 006Birthday 75 jack 007Birthday 75 jack 009

Russell, Mr. Stover (It musta been him, he volunteered to take a picture of all of us.)

Birthday 75 jack 010

Home for a short rest then off to Red Lobster for Supper:

Birthday 75 jack 011

I had New England Clam Chowder, salad and broiled Tilapia. then Maple cheese cake. Ahhhh

Birthday 75 jack 013

AND THEN to the Villages Starbucks for an evening COFFEE!

Thanks for all the cards, calls, FB, Blog, Birthday calls and messages. This year I am over whelmed over 200 totaled so far. Amazing. Love all you folk and thanks for making my 75th memorable.

I promise, this is the last entry about the Birthday!

Nite Shipslog


You know you are in the Villages when there are more golf carts in town than cars.

Birthday 75 jack 016Birthday 75 jack 017



I know this has been used before, but I love this pickup and train combination.


betty said...

I think reaching age 75 is a great milestone like I said the other day, Jack. I think it is good that you told us how you celebrated it! Sounds like a wonderful time with lots of great companionship, fun, and good food (now time for dieting, LOL)

That would be dangerous to live close to a Russel Stover outlet store!


Rose said...

You celebrated your special day in great style.

I heard about the Villages but have never been there. The golf carts everywhere is a hoot!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think celebrating a birthday should be more than once a year why not make it last 3 days or even a whole week! Red Lobster is my favorite place to eat. If I'm lucky I get there once a year. I never tire of seafood and usually have their coconut shrimp and love their cheesy biscuits. Sure hope you all are enjoying that chocolate! Sounds might good. Blustery cold here today. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Linda :) said...

Happy Birthday!!! :)

Paula said...

I'm glad you had a very special birthday Jack, you deserve it. One of my sons-in-law comes from a family who always celebrated a family members birthday for a week. Not so much going out all time but just treating them special and putting the first for the whole week of their birthday.


WOW! What a marvelous celebration you had.

shirl72 said...

Glad you got to celebrate big. lad
both of the boys were there to help the milestone day. I had mine and thankful we have reached this age and still feel pretty good. I don't think you had enough food going to all those restaurants.

JJ looks young has he had botox.
hee hee.

Enjoyed seeing all the pictures.

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh with all these birthdays you have to be 80 by now. And I always stop at Russell Stover outlet stores. I love them. sandie

Louis la Vache said...

uh Jack - how many times is «Louis» going to have to remind you that you are 39?!?!?

You can keep running that train/pickup photo.
«Louis» likes it too!

Jackie said...

OK. I'm totally hungry now.
Your birthday celebration(s) were fantastic!!
Happy Birthday, Jack!