Thursday, January 9, 2014

Everyone is entitled to MY opinion!

Here in the RV Park there is an RV with a sign out front that says: ‘Everyone is entitled to My opinion.’

I laughed at first, but then I realized many folk actually feel that way, even me I guess, since I state my opinion here pretty often.

We have a tendency to give advice from our opinions fairly easily.  As a matter of fact it is the unusual human who is able to keep their opinions to themselves, until asked.

Opinions, we all have them they run the whole spectrum of human needs and emotions. Tastes, flavors of ice cream, politics, religion, water temp, room temp, car make and also models, colors, cloths, hair styles, shoes and floor coverings.

It is no secret, I like Butter Pecan Ice Cream (Walnut is a close second)

I am more Libertarian (but not fully) in Politics. Since a Libertarian doesn’t have a chance in Presidential races (yet) I vote the most conservative there.

I was a GM person growing up (because my daddy was) He switched to Rambler I did too. I hate to admit it, but now I am a Honda guy. I want to drive a car born in Detroit, so I guess I will get an antique later.

Scanoldpic8 020

Dad’s Rambler we drove on our one night Honeymoon.

I was raised fundamental/Pentecostal, I am much more liberal now, it took awhile. I have no problem attending any Christian church, as a matter of fact I enjoy the differences in worship. I have learned there are  many good folk in this country. Those who attend church regularly and otherwise.  If you believe in a heaven, In my opinion, it is not the church that will take you there anyway.

shirl jackie

(Of course uniforms had long pants)

I didn’t like short pants when I was growing up, I still ‘want’ to wear Bermuda shorts, but the practice doesn’t last over a week or two and I am back to jeans.  Shorts would make our laundry much easier.

scanoldpic7 063

I liked ‘Overhauls’ as I called them.

Most of the houses I built were speculative, so I used the colors and floor covering  I wanted, and thought the most buyers would want. Most of the rooms were an off-white and the floor covering was carpet. I LOVE WALL TO WALL CARPET. I don’t mind hardwood or ceramic in a foyer and bathroom, but I go barefooted  at home and like to walk on carpet.

I promised Sherry when I started building I would not build a house that we would not live in (knowing we very well might have to move in, if it did not sell.Winking smile)

I did build one custom home that the lady requested carpet thru out the house, including the kitchen and bathrooms. (The plumber did look at me sorta funny when he was setting the commodes). I went in the house 5 years later and it looked as good as it did they day they moved in. I was shocked!

Nite Shipslog


Do you prefer hardwood or carpet floors?



1954 Skylark Buick (I want one)


1982 Citron


Jackie said...

I value your opinions.
Just sayin'....
Warmest smile to my friend,

Louis la Vache said...

You take the Skylark, francophile «Louis» will take the Citroën 2CV! :-)

shirl72 said...

I have a friend she will give an
opinion no matter the subject.
I don't even think she realizes
what she is doing. I talk a lot
but try hard to watch what I am saying. I am trying to learn.
It is hard not to speak up. Well
so much for my opinion.

The Skylark Buick reminds me a little of the Corvette. so much for my opinion.


Opinions make the world go round.

DD said...

In answer: I prefer hardwood...then cover them with rugs...ha.

Good post.
Most are opinionated, especially in politics and religion...haaa...I agree with you!
Nice for you to follow your Dad in car models.
My husband is opinionated in buying foreign cars . Then, he is okay in buying electronics make in Japan, etc. Haaa. Bless his heart.

Jean said...

I'm like you I like carpet we have it through out the house all but the kitchen, laundry room and bath. We have hardwood floors under the carpet and a few years ago when I had new carpet put down I almost wish I had left the wood floors they still look like new. Warmer but wet up this way. Take care.

Paula said...

I like carpet so much I paid for it in John's house. Mistake! He doesn't wipe his feet on the mat outside. Also the carpet seems to grab and hold on to the grass burrs here. When you get up at night they turn loose and grab the bottom of your feet and hold own and hurt.

betty said...

Wow, makes you wonder if that house took off their shoes or wore plastic booties whenever they were walking around on that carpet to have it look still nice 5 years later! I always enjoy reading about your opinions, Jack, a lot of times they lined up with mine too!


Anonymous said...

I have carpets, would love hardwoods (no dust mites). I'll take that sporty yellow Skylark, too. I love how the angle of the picture makes me imagine the car breezing along.

bonnie k.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yep we all have opinions and our blogs are a great place to voice them. I love wall to wall carpet but have hard wood floors now. The old carpet had to be removed and new carpet isn't in the budget. I do have some area rugs that make do. I always enjoy hearing what others have to say. Sometimes i learn something new and I'm willing to change my opinions when needed.