Wednesday, January 8, 2014

More wondering…

Since my friend Lucy told me about Windows Live Writer I have been using it. With this I can make drafts. I have 5 or 6 started now, but they hang unfinished. I was sitting here thinking of hiking and remembering how I wondered how a spider stretched a web 15 feet laterally across a trail spiders don’t fly (do they?).  I am not much taller than my sweetheart, but she wants me ahead of her in the mornings to wipe out the spider webs formed overnight when we are hiking.



With 2000 cars in a parking lot, when we get to our car to load the groceries,why is the car next door doing the same?

I was looking at pictures of the Alamo and this lady was a cut up, sometimes I wonder who she is.? That is the beautiful Live Oak in the court yard of the Alamo.

San Antonio and RIVERWALK 042

I wonder what characteristic it is in humans that will let them sacrifice their lives for a cause, i,e, the Alamo, those men, the famous and the unknowns  died together there. Was it worth it? They thought it was at the time, there is no way to know that.

San Antonio and RIVERWALK 038

My sons and I at the Alamo. Would I die for them? Yeah, I think so.  I actually thought about that exact question as I walked through this hallowed area.

I remember when I thought 55 years old was OLD, do you?

Did you study hard I school?  ( I didn’t, I have always wondered what could have motivated me to studied harder?)


You must remember the Everly Brothers.  We just lost one of them, Phil. Phil was my age… causes one to think.


What was your favorite song by the Everlys?


Mine, “All I have to do is dream”

I knew two brothers, Jim and Paul Page who sang just like the Everly Brothers. Some get discovered, some don’t. Our own Jimmy of Bloggsville and his brother coulda hit it big (but then he wouldn’t be blogging and I wouldn’t get my stock of laughs)

So today it was just me wondering again. I wonder, why do I do that?

Nite Shipslog


Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

I wonder how many folks knows what that means?



Yes, Chrysler had a very popular car called the Desoto, wonder why they chose that name?



Phil Everly was my husband's age and died of COPD, which is what my husband has. Something to think about, for sure.

Paula said...

Those spiders sure can stretch their webs far. My neighbor doesn't appreciate the ones that stretch their web from my Red Bud tree to his truck. Another thoughtful entry. I would comment farther but John just brought bean and cheese tacos in. High importance here in south Texas.

betty said...

Bye Bye Love; that was one of their songs, wasn't it? I did used to think 55 was old, but now at 56, I think it is not :)

I too wonder why one would die for a cause; some causes of course I think I would die for, children, faith.

I think Sherry is wise to have you go walking first to avoid spiders! Smart woman!

I studied reasonably hard at school, but some learning came easier to me than others.


Anonymous said...

Answering another imponderable for you, Jack: spiders start a little string of web material, then turn loose--WHEE!--and the wind carries them through the air. It's kinda like letting the string out on a kite, I guess. :-)

bonnie k.

Louis la Vache said...

Here's a little De Soto trivia for you, Jack. (With this in mind, it doesn't make sense that Chrysler used the De Soto name in Australia.)

"The car name honored Hernando de Soto, the 16th century Spaniard who discovered the Mississippi River and had covered more North American territory than any other early explorer

As a moniker, DeSoto reinforced the Americana theme sounded by Chrysler's other new brand, Plymouth; towns, cities, and counties named DeSoto are spread across the southeastern United States."

shirl72 said...

I like the Everly Brother.
We had singers in Valdese that
could sing as good. I can't think
of Jim's dad name that sung with
Dud. Like I said memory on vacation.

Jackie said... horse. Mouth.
I know the meaning behind the phrase, but I have no idea why horse and mouth were used. I could Google it, I guess, but I'm too lazy.
I love being here. Makes me happy to read the thoughts you pen.
Your thoughts run deep.
I like that.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Dream was my answer too. I was wondering if it was one of their songs or not and then your answer confirmed it. Nice to see those pictures of your good times in nice warm weather. I need a little warming up here. It was only 1 degree when I looked at the thermometer but they say we'll go up to 30 today. Hard to believe the dramatic changes in temps. I'm dreaming of Spring!

DD said...

Yes, you surely do a lot of wondering.

This riddle is one for you to wonder on:
A man was looking down at a grave. He said, Brothers and sisters, I have none, but this man's father was my father's son. Who was buried there?