Saturday, January 4, 2014


We have had rain here for a couple days. I sorta enjoy the rain and being forced to stay in. I remember rain in the summer as a kid. I loved to sit on the porch when there was no wind and just enjoy the nice smell of a fresh rain on the earth.


If our house had no underpinning, I liked to play under it in the rain.  My main activity was what we called ‘Playing cars’. Sometimes there were toy cars, but they weren’t necessary, a block of wood or car shaped rock  would do.  Making streets and close to the edge we could dig and direct some water under for our own little rivers.


After the rain I loved to play in the gutters while the water was still running. You could make boats and race them.



After a rain it was much easier to dig for fishing worms, and I always thought the fish were biting better just after a rain.  I had heard an old fisher man say the fish had more to eat and they would strike at most anything because of the debris that had washed into the river or creek. I never caught too much anyway. If they didn’t bite in the first 15 minutes I was in swimming.


I think that was what surprised me so much about the ocean, I had never had problems in creeks and rivers no matter how fast the flow, but as I mentioned in another post, the ocean was definitely different.

Anyway I like the rain most of the time, it washes the pollution out of the air and it feels fresher.


One thing I enjoyed while aboard ship in the Navy, was seeing rain storms at a distance.  It seemed strange to see the beginning and end of a storm. There were times we were in the sunshine and watched a thunder and lightening storm in the distance, it was a beautiful sight.


Without rain, we would surely run short of precious drinking water. Do you remember Gene Kelly, and ‘Singing in The Rain’.


I loved the cowboys in the movies working cattle in the rain with slickers pulled down.


Funny thing now, with the Live home town camera, Sherry will say, “It’s raining at home.”

I loved sleeping in a house with a tin roof, it could put you to sleep.

Nite Shipslog


April Showers bring May Flowers.

The Rain in Spain falls mainly in the Plain.

It never rains in California!

And the magical Rain Maker.


I think of Lucy when I see these. My brother and Sister lived on one like this at times.

Car  stuck in Cedar Brakes, Utahhitchhiker

Iowa muddy roadtumblr_laefvwoxjA1qdblneo1_500

Speaking of water. Louis sent me the Nash, the Ugly bathtub!



Lucy said...

Stay in the tracks!!! It is supposed to be a wind chill tomorrow of 22 below zero. All I can think of seeing that rain is what if it froze.

shirl72 said...

If I could sing and dance like
Gene Kelly I would have it made.

I missed the good ole days it was
a simple life.
I forgot about the Nash cars.

They did look like a bathtub. We are having cold weather

Maybe rain Sunday and another
storm headed our way next week.
I don't think I will complain about hot weather again.

Stella is a beautiful little girl
and very sweet. Stay warm.

Paula said...

Like this entry about rain. When I was a kid we lived on a road with a sticky hill where the bus couldn't drive up. I prayed for rain while Daddy prayed for rain for his crop. Bad kid!

Jackie said...

You have pulled together so many fabulous entries about rain, Jack.
I love the way you write.
You are always happy...and that is contagious.
I smiled when I saw that you dug worms. Me too!! I never even thought that you could buy fishing worms in the store. We just dug them down at the edge of the pond before we began to fish. There was an abundance, and we only took what we needed to fish with.
Thanks for stirring that memory for me. It was and still is a fond one.

Louis la Vache said...

Bottle some of that water up (actually, bottle a LOT of it up!) and e-mail it out west here. We are in our third year of drought. We'll take EVERY drop you send us!

Fun post, Jack! Now you've got "Singing In The Rain" playing in «Louis'» head. He likes that!

That Nash was undoubtedly THE UGLIEST of the postwar bathtubs!

Dar said...

playing in the rain and waterholes reminds me of my grandsons last spring. Their dad showed them a huge puddle and started a trough to drain it. That's all it took was his 'start' and the 3 of them had it drained in no time....using leaves and small sticks for boats...just like you.
The muddy road reminds me of a story my dad used to tell about our Grandma O driving the car thru roads like that with him in the back seat, holding the egg crates that were on their way to market. Not many made it through. More on his lap.
Love a good ' garden ' rain.

betty said...

So true it doesn't rain in California (and I'm sure we are heading into another drought year). I do like falling asleep at night to the sound of rain or waking up in the middle of the night and hearing it raining outside. Sure must have been fun playing out in the rain and with the mud :)



I like rain as long as flooding isn't involved.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm thinking that rain sounds pretty good right now. We are waiting for the newest storm to move in today. High winds, more snow and below zero temps coming our way. Believe it or not though the long range forecast does say we may have rain next weekend. A roller coaster ride of weather for sure. Hope you both have a restful and relaxing Sunday there.

Chatty Crone said...

Once a couple of years ago I got Andy and Kelly - any myself - to take off our shoes and when it was raining we went outside and played and danced in the rain. At first we felt silly - but it turned out to be a lot of fun. I will have to look for those pictures. Glad you like the rain.