Sunday, January 26, 2014

Remember the Circus?


Growing up it was hard for me to understand the difference in a Carnival, the Fair and the Circus. All were fun.


There were some of the same activities, rides and side shows. I liked the guys who tied balloons and I had a ball in the Haunted house and the house of mirrors. I was fooled many times by the miniature grown-up as small as your hand who could talk to you. Now I know it was mirrors and I am disappointed.


Oh, the games you could not win! and the one man Band!


Oh boy, did I like the strong man. Most boys did. The one I remember  inserted a metal comb, in his hair. hooking a rope in it he slowly backed up pulling a big truck.  There were pictures where he had pulled trains, I believed it all.


I wasn’t supposed to be there because it was a sin, but Buddy and Vondale talked me into going.Winking smile What was one more sin to a 13 year old. Mine didn’t count yetSurprised smile did they?


Yeah, at the very back was the Hooche Cooche show. 50¢, No one under 18 allowed, “THESE GIRLS WILL SHOW YOU THINGS YOUHAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE, STEP RIGHT UP!” Vondale was the tallest so he bought us three tickets, he assured the man we were all 18!Open-mouthed smile The man believed itConfused smile. Ya think?Thinking smile

We walked into the tent, and I found out we weren’t the only sinners. There taking the tickets was a man I had seen at our church, usually to get food and clothes from the pantry. BUT HE DIDN’T KNOW ME AND I DIDN’T KNOW HIM!Winking smile


I smile looking back, it was a strip tease, all the way down to bikini’s.  But in the 50’s that was a sight to behold for us 13 yr old boys. HA!


That night it was Buddy Curry’s Hollywood Hell Drivers. They put on a great show, but it didn’t top those bikini’s.


It is amazing to go to a fair now and see the same hustles that have been around since the beginning of side-shows.


The rides? I loved the tilt-a-whirl and the Ferris Wheel.


Remember the Circus?

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When the circus moved on, we searched the grounds for lost change, we usually found enough for a Pepsi and cheese crackers.



Amazing stunt drivers!


Helen said...

I don't believe I ever saw the circus Just the fairs. I always turned my head when the girls came out LOL. I hope the weather is warm there. Its going to be really cold Tuesday and Wed, morning here. Guess you and Sherry haven't read about all my health problems. I wrote about them on FB. Rough time.

Sheila Y said...

I only remember fairs coming to our town. There was a guy once that rode a motorcycle around the walls of a circular thing that you looked down in to watch. Also we had Omar at the rattlesnake rodeo who laid down in something and had snakes put on him. Hope you and Sherry are staying warm, hear a new freeze is coming with possibility of snow for south Alabama ...I'm jealous... Take care, Sheila

Paula said...

In our little country town we only got the tent shows that traveled around. After my kids came along Mel's boss was in the Alzafar Shrine and always gave our whole family free tickets to the circus in San Antonio.

betty said...

I do remember the circus, we've gone a few times to Ringling Brothers and the Shrine Circus, especially when the kids were younger. Always amazed me with the tightrope stunts, always afraid someone would fall. I like the state fairs, haven't been in a few years, but always fun to walk around and see the exhibits and it seems most fairs here have a bit of a carnival part of it to get one's money to try to win a small little prize :)

Too cute about sneaking in to see the show!



I loved the circus. Fun, indeed.

Dar said...

I went to one circus in my life and was amazed at the size of those elephants. They used them to raise the heavy canvas walls of the tents. I think the tents are now made of lightweight parachute materials.
We went to the county fair every year with 4-H, and then our daughter entered her beloved horses in the fairs. We'd camp out behind the barns for 5 days straight. I'd work the 4-H dinner hall and she worked in the barns. The carnival was a one night only. Too busy with the horses.
Carnivals I have long outgrown. Too expensive and a rip-off.
About nurses, our granddaughter is studying to become a nurse for children. She'll be a good one.
OK, someone elses turn. So Gabby, aren't I. Love from frigid north.

Jean said...

Jack I will have to say in all my 39 years I have never been to a circus. We went to a few fairs until we lost all the money we had on us trying to win a prize and since I don't remember going back. That has been a long time ago. Take care and stay warm looks like this cold air might just blow your way.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The circus always has fond memories for me. My first date with my husband was to the circus. It was the first and last time I went to see one. I do go to the fair just about every year. Always fun to see! That brings a warm thought this cold morning. We actually got a little warmer yesterday, but today the temps are to ball back in the deep freeze.

Lucy said...

Like this post. Didn't know what a circus was until I was in my teens. I have never been to a circus. To late now but I don't think I missed much.

Louis la Vache said...

What timing!
There is a circus setting up along I-880 near the ball park where the Oakland A's play - and «Louis» was just thinking about all the things you wrote about + getting a corn dog and cotton candy!

«Louis» wouldn't try to put the Vachemobile on its side like those Cadillacs! Nosireebob! :-)

Chatty Crone said...

Hmm what I am remembering is a mix with the big top circus and fairs. I don't remember one exactly like that - but I do remember seeing those on television. You got your ed cation there!