Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mail Call and moving…

With our life style we do not have the mail box beside the door or out on the road so we do not get mail on a daily basis.

Around the country of Lancaster 043

(I spied this mail box in Rural PA, near Lancaster)

We have a mail service in Eustis, Florida and when we are near, we pick it up, but most of the time we call and have it delivered General Delivery to a Post Office near where we will be in the next three days.  Most of the time it works well.


From life on a ship and in GITMO I was used to non-regular mail.  Mail is very important when you are away from home so listening to the scuttlebutt(rumors) we could usually tell when a mail plane was due in. But now that I am with the one who usually wrote letters to me, mail isn’t that critical.


WE pay a yearly fee for the mail service and give them a deposit for postage which they hold in escrow. Each mailing lowers the escrow when it is near exhausted and they will notify us that we need to put more in the escrow account. With fuel prices the level they are, we can call for the mail to be delivered more reasonable than driving for it.

2012 dec cruise 187

(Mailboxes on St. Maartin in the Caribbean)

I mentioned that we pay for our mail to be shipped to us on this blog once, and confused some readers. Our mail goes to the Mail Forwarding service as normal mail. They hold it until Sherry calls for it.  At that time the service packages our mail and sends it to the address Sherry gives them.  So you see if we have a lot of junk mail (magazines and catalogs) the cost goes up because we pay to have that sent to us priority mail.  Our mail is usually a couple weeks out from us. Most of our bills are deducted from our bank account, that way we are not late on payments, I hate to pay anything late.


Yeah, we do move a lot about every two weeks, in the winter. We have 3-4 main RV parks here in Florida. The one furthest South is on the Peace River.  That one puts in the vicinity of both Florida Coasts where we have friends. So we get a chance to renew acquaintances and catch up on family news from Maine and Missouri.


We hope to try a new RV park Very near Disney in a few weeks when Reece brings Stella down.

Visit and the BENEFIT 002

I think Mark might be coming back down, but I am not sure. This allows them to have a more reasonable vacation since they can stay with us. We are looking forward to that, although it will be a short time.(2-4 days.)


Anyway for those who wondered, that is our mail and moving schedules over the winter. Summer is a different story, we never know about that.

Nite Shipslog


Now the mail pickup does get a little confusing if we forget where we asked them to send it. LOL


roosevelt-paeton plymouth

We saw this Plymouth when we visited Warm Springs, Georgia.


shirl72 said...

Those mail box are funny and
unique. Remember our Brother Odis
had a mail box out front of his
house. The picture was in the Shelby Daily Star with a mail man
looking up. It was a 6ft. pole
with a sign at the top saying
AIR MAIL..The saying in the paper under the picture said "Installed this mailbox for the convenience of low flying aircraft mail deliverers. My newspaper clipping has turned yellow it is so old. It was in the paper 6/17/1981.

Glad to see the picture of Stella
and Mark.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Having a little one stay for a visit will be exciting for you. Your mail service reminds me of when my boys were in college. I'd save up their mail and put it in one of those priority mail envelopes and send it off to them too. It was cheeper than taking it to them.

Paula said...

Like the pictures of different mail boxes. Your mail schedule would be a little hard for me to get used to as getting my mail is the high light of my day. Of course with e-mail not as much as it used to be.

DD said...

Ah, you and Sherry have your mail service down just right!

The hammer mail box takes the biscuit! Haaa...reminds me of a mail box sign we ran across on a country road down in Louisana someplace. It was a typical style mailbox on a post with a name and address on the box, but it was big-big, not a true mailbox, but an advertisement. It caught my attention so, that I had to get out on the side of the road and have my husband snap a picture of me leaning against the post...ha. I need to find that picture! Made me look tiny. haa

Helen said...

All this snow is making the mail delivery scarce. We did get about 3-1\2inches. This old woman kept herself inside. Not taking a chance on sliding down.


All our mail comes to a PO BOX and not our street address. It gets complicated when there is a new mailman on the route. Loved seeing the cool mailboxes and hearing about your mail service.

Dar said...

I LOVE getting a hand-written letter. I used to receive many in the mail but email has changed that too. As for mail delivery, I too, look forward to see what comes each day. Lately it's seed catalogs. I'd still rather page through a magazine leisurely and read every word. I can only watch so many westerns in an evening...but I would never deny Bill his entertainment, my hard workin' guy. The mail still comes to the very same mailbox for the past 34 yrs, at the end of the same driveway, but to 3 diff. addresses. Our highway dept. just can't seem to make up it's mind.

Oh, we had a heatwave today. It got up to 20 ABOVE zero, and I shoveled off the steps in short sleeves. It was wonderful!

Chatty Crone said...

You found some unusual mail boxes there. Your mail or getting your mail sounds complicated!

Louis la Vache said...

That's quite a humorous collection of mailbox photos you've got there, Jack! :-)

FDR's press people did all they could to disguise the fact that his physical abilities had been so badly damaged by polio. He DID drive cars, but they were specially fitted out for him.

There's a humorous story about FDR scaring the daylights out of Winston Churchill when Churchill was a passenger in a car FDR was driving, perhaps there at Warm Springs. (The details escape «Louis»...) FDR, seeing that he had terrorized Churchill did more to scare poor old Winnie to the point of almost driving the car into a lake.

betty said...

It is good these days we can pay so many bills online and get the bills online so we don't have to worry whether they get delivered or not. I think the majority of mail we get these days is what one might consider "junk" mail. I think it is a good system you and Sherry have set up to get your mail when you want it :)