Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our hands


I remember a teacher early in school explaining that humans are very different from most animals in the world, because we have an apposing digit on our hands called the thumb. We are able to catch and grasp things because of that. 


I have caught myself looking at my hands a lot lately and I do not know why;  they amaze me. I am fortunate with no rheumatism or arthritis to limit their use.  I even want to learn to juggle 3 balls over the winter if I can, I bought three tennis balls to learn with.  So far I can do two. LOL


Many folk have talents that involve their hands. Skilled painters, sculptures, writers, musicians (especially the pianist) can manipulate instruments and tools to thrill and amaze the rest of us. Others like mama in days gone by could do wonders with a needle and thread.  She was just as good on a sewing machine. she could hem a dress, shirt or pants and you could never see the stitch on the ‘show side’.


Dad could fashion dynamite and place it perfectly when digging a well, basement or moving stumps. Over the years mom and dad’s hands began to show age. It didn’t seem to bother them, the same work was done, and later in life my mama took to doing flower arrangements, she knew just where to put what colors to make the arrangement fit the occasion.


I see my hands now, they have the age spots, the wrinkles, bumps and cracks.  They never did accomplish the beautiful paintings I wanted them to, I tried, but not hard enough.  I just knew the talent was in there, I tried pencil, charcoal, oil and acrylic but never had the patience needed to produce the ‘Real Work Of Art’. So my hands found what they could do, hold a hammer and nail and I found satisfaction.

The other day I saw the pictures of the house DD and hubby are building and I felt the pride in a job well done.  I remembered that feeling and it brought a smile.


So we all may not be a Rembrandt, but the good Lord has given us the tools to produce and labor in this life. To find that small niche in which we know satisfaction.


I have known ladies who said I don’t have a talent, but could cook without a recipe, measuring spoons or cups. Season with a pinch of this and a tad of that.

Tonight, I am thankful for my hands. (I think I am beginning to sound like MA, but I guess that ain’t bad)

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I really did like this car, the 1957 Rambler


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Once I thought about telling a story about these old hands. I even started a song about them...but that was years ago now and at this point I've forgotten the words. What a story our hands could tell. All the wonderful things they've done and maybe not so good things too. Being a thankful person isn't a bad thing at all so I don't mind should you sound a bit like me. I'm thankful for all the things my hands have done...what a wonderful life they've had and thank the good Lord, I woke up today so they still have more to do.

shirl72 said...

Wonderful blog about hands. I am
sitting using my hand to write
this comment. You are an artist,
remember the scenes you painted on
my hamburger press and my antique
wood three stages of an apple.
Doves are flying around downstairs on a paintings. I have watched
you do chalk drawings. I think
you are an artist. I have charcoal
drawing by Jim's Brother. He was
also fascinated by hands.

My hands are showing age and ugly.
But I am thankful for what they do music being played by hands. I may start doing what one of the older singers that would wear gloves because she said her hands were ugly. I will "HAND" it to you.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee... «Louis» has got to (ahem) hand it to you for another thoughtful post, Jack!


Like you, «Louis» likes that Rambler, too.

George Romney's single-minded determination to bring that Rambler to market and not to complete the merger that would have folded Packard and Studebaker into American Motors brought about the death of Packard remains controversial. That said, that new Rambler came to market just as the recession of '57-'58 hit and it was certainly the right car at the right time for American Motors.

Jackie said...

I don't know how you come up with your topics, but you bat a thousand each time you pick 'em.
Fantastic blog about hands, and I commend you on choosing the best images to accompany it. Brilliant.
Good luck with that juggling. Might want to bump it up from 2 tennis balls to 3. Made me smile.
Love the fact that our Mama's hands are so tenderly wonderful in everything they do.

Paula said...

Now this takes the cake. How do you think up these entries? Love It! My hands have gotten very ugly but I'm still thankful for what I can do with them.


I LOVED this entry about hands. Too often we take them for granted.

betty said...

Sounding like Ma indeed is a good thing! We all need to live like she does gratefully with thanksgiving and joy! Hands are a wonderful invention of God's I do believe. So many things we can do with them; they are so versatile to picking up and holding a baby to writing the next best selling novel, to building a house, etc. A good thing to be thankful for our hands!


Rose said...

Great topic. Unfortunately, I was recently diagnosed with arthritis and neuropathy on my hands and feet.

The pain is unbearable everyday and I find it difficult to use a simple thing such as a can opener or most importantly, getting dressed in the morning takes forever.