Thursday, January 16, 2014


The boys are here and they always enjoy our screen savers. Two computers going at once with pictures from our past going by.

scanoldpic7 013img054 - Copy

Jack Jr on the Phone and Mark on the phone.

I have to think of the times we would get out Mama’s picture albums. The black pages with pictures carefully installed with 4 corner holders. Then after the pages were turned on the two or three albums, we would go to the shoe box with the various pictures that never made it to an album.  What fun!

Now pictures like this pop up:

Scanoldpic9 029

Jackie and his friends in Kirksville, Sherry looking on.

Scanoldpic9 030

Jackie being comforted by cousin Steve

Scanoldpic9 076

Cousin Woody and Jackie, watching a bear in the Smoky’s.

Scanoldpic9 003

Hey, Rutherfordton, yeah, all of us.

scanoldpic7 041scanoldpic7 042

Me ‘n Mama on my first day of School at New Hope, Yeah and there is me ‘n mama on the ‘55 in Key West.

New Folder (2) 012

There we are in GITMO with ‘Grouch’ the wonder dog that could climb trees.

New Folder (2) 014

There we are, I’m (Mark) doing a wheelie.

New Folder (2) 015

That is where Columbus landed in Cuba.

New Folder (2) 061New Folder (2) 063

Mark, ‘Me, the football hero with a broke leg. The coach on the right had never worn a pair of shoes.’ (Key West)

scanoldpic1 022

Grandpa Wiley, Jack just graduated from Boot Camp, Mark, always the Kiss Fan!

It goes on and on while the boys are here. It is a joy to have them around. they act just like kids again.

Thanks for sharing our family time..

Nite Shipslog


Life has a lot of bright moments, we try to enjoy them.


I bought this ‘55 in Key West for $50.00

Scanoldphoto3 076

Jack’s Friend Marty, they met in Key West and are still best friends.


shirl72 said...
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shirl72 said...

I removed my comment I spelled a
word wrong.

Love to see the pictures brought back lots of memories. I bet the boys or on the phone talking to Grandparents.

Where did the years go. I feel
like Phil Harris "If I had known
I was going to live this long I
would have taken better care of
myself". Tell the boys to remember
that saying..or they will be saying the same thing...Love life
and be kind to yourself.

Rose said...

Loved seeing all the black and white photos. Yes, I too have those albums with the black pages and the corner inserts to hold the photos.

Boy, we have come a long way. Now we store all our photos on our computers!

I love viewing pictures of my family when my kids were young. And, I was young!!!!

Hugs to my favorite couple!

Paula said...

Always like to see old pictures. Bet you and Sherry are having fun with the boys. My Lynda told me she just connected with a guy who used to rest under our tree on the way home from school. He reminded her Mel sold him Mel's Mama's car for $100. He wrecked it the next day and Mel wasn't too happy with him.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It was a lot of fun seeing the pictures of your boys and you and Sherry too. I do have a scanner and need to upload more old pictures into my computer. Enjoy the visit with the boys ! I'm thinking you'll be taking more pictures to add to the collection!


It is always fun to take a trip down memory lane with a photo album. Yours was delightful today.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» enjoyed the "family album"! :-)

What a deal on that '55 Chevy!
«Louis» thinks the '55 is the best of the trio ('55-'56-'57), the '57 being a very close 2nd.

Jean said...

I love to look at the picture's old or new. I know you and Sherry is enjoying your time with your boys. It was cool but nice and sunny up here today. Take care.

betty said...

How fun to have your sons there, Jack! I know you and Sherry are enjoying the time with them! Neat too that you have the pictures to look through and remember all the great times spent together!


Lucy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JACK and many more.Love the pictures I have a lot like that Should get them in albums.