Monday, January 20, 2014

Trees and rocks

Last days of Mark & JJ visit 020

Live oaks on a Historical Mound near Crystal River, Florida.

Many times in our travels we visit parks that have an abundance of trees. Florida has many trees the most popular and most widely seen are the Live Oaks, Pine and Palm.  I enjoy them all, but dislike parking under the pines.  I am not sure if they drop sap all year-round or just when I park under them.Angry smile


I am amazed at trees that seem to cling to life by sending their roots over and around rocks.


Hiking the AT, we have noticed trees cracking rocks as they grew, but knowing full well the rock would be there years after the tree is dead and gone, but the tree will have left it mark that will last forever.


I do not know how I missed the Live Oak tree. I guess I just never thought of them as I visited Florida, but now having lived here off and on, I cannot help but notice them. Above is a young ‘Hammock’ of live oaks. Below a little older, they amaze me at the angles and bends they take. They are entertaining.



Above is the largest Live oak in Lake County Florida, I believe.

Florida Palms:


Below is one tree, a Banyan. Roots drop down from it’s limbs, seeking the earth and form another trunk.  TRIP SOUTH BEACH 022

This is the Royal palm,  it is majestic and lines many streets in Florida.


1993-94 060

Sherry and her sisters with an Astronaut at Cape Kennedy under a small variety of Palm.


The above are entertaining trees from NY’s Catskills.

Below entertainment from Kentucky.


And like ‘Louis’, Sherry has always wanted to drive thru a tree.

scan1998 020

Rocks are very entertaining:

Below The Devil’s Tower, Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore.


I just had my mind on Rocks and Trees.

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Rumor has it I am now 39! But I will not mention a Birthday.Winking smile


However just after my -----day, The boys took me to see these:

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Trees are beautiful and useful and where would we be without them. Now rocks have their purpose too but I've never seen a rock as wonderful as a tree. I love their beauty and color except perhaps in winter when there are no leaves here only bare branches that right now have snow on them. Still looking closely I can see the buds forming. Anxiously awaiting spring here. Love to you both from the frozen north today!

Dar said...

We, like 'Ma' still have so much frozen north. The snow is deep, trees still blankets of snow on their boughs and branches, no sight of spring around here just yet,...but I'll wait.
I LOVE the trees. We noticed yesterday that the 7 yr drought that finally ended a couple yrs. ago, has taken another of our spruce in our yard. I will miss him. He's provided much shade in the summer and branches for bird feeders. Nice job holding up that Live Oak. I doubt I will ever drive through a tree but Bill did when he was 13.
Devil's Tower reminds me of the young man that got his first buck with the tower in the background. He brought his deer skull to me to have the tower and the plains in front of it, painted on it for him. The bone structure of the skull represented the tower....I'll have to share that someday.
oh, ya want some rocks? I have rocks., and lots of them. We will be picking the field clean again in the spring...just sayin' ;)

Lucy said...

Sherry, you should be ashamed wearing short sleeves, no sleeves with we poor people wearing layers of clothing. Actually I am just jealous. Trees are amazing in the different ways they grow and some are gnarly, sort of like "old" people and some are so pretty. Of course we all don't know any one "old". I wish!!!

Chatty Crone said...

I have to say when I see the roots of trees it makes me think of God. They grow deep and strong and wrap themselves around the oddness things. Even when you got the tree down they are still there.

Ever see a weed come of of the middle of a cement piece of concrete - how did it get there and survive.



I LOVED seeing Sherry drive through that tree. How neat was that???

Paula said...

I love to see trees in person and pictures of trees. Glad Sherry is a good driver, didn't look like too much extra room there.

betty said...

What a cute entry about rocks and trees, Jack! Great variety of trees you've seen in your adventures!


shirl72 said...

I like the trees until raking time.
They do give us shade and some
trees produce our food, nuts and give us Christmas trees and much more. They are beautiful..

Funny Sherry driving through the
tree wow what a big tree.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
«Louis» was nervous driving the Vachemobile through that tree! The Vachemobile isn't a huge car, but it just barely cleared the sides. It was a fun drive up there. «Louis» and Mme. la Vache want to go back up there and take the side road, The Avenue of the Giants, and photograph more of the redwoods.

Louis la Vache said...

Oh, and one more time, Happy 39th! :-)