Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Beaches, Coast lines and salt water.

 Dune Buggies:

(Buggy pics from the net)

Now, for today:

I enjoy seeing beaches. That vast expanse of water still amazes me. Some of the most beautiful and assessable coast lines are on our East Coast, facing the Atlantic Ocean. There are constant nice waves if you enjoy salt water with some excitement. Searching what is brought in by waves adds to the excitement. That type coast line reaches from Jersey to Miami. Sand Dollars are a big catch here.  These are not great surfing waves, but fun.

The Florida Keys have beautiful coast lines but not the nice solid sand of the more northern beaches. The beaches in Key West, we found, were rough, shelly and some coral.

When we traveled to New England we saw nice beaches, and some beautiful rough shore lines UNLIKE Daytona. Daytona! That is one beach I remember as a young guy. It was the first beach I remember you could drive a car right on the beach.

The west coast of the USA has some beautiful beaches, however much of the shore line is rough.  BUT in many places there are some big surfing waves. Lot of movies 50-60s about ‘Surfing USA’.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Great lakes have some pretty beaches, but not the waves you find at the oceans. BUT again, being the largest freshwater lakes in the world they are mind boggling. My mind compared the great Lakes beaches to the Gulf of Mexico shore lines.

The Mediterranean Sea is a mixture of rough and smooth beaches. The French Riviera is probably the Med’s most known and visited beaches. Again no consistent ‘big’ waves as an ocean.

Hawaii’s beaches are beautiful, some areas are picturesquely rough. WE watched surfing there. Definitely the surfer’s paradise. We saw some of those Wave tunnels surfers would get in and enjoy a great time.

Cuba has nice small beaches scattered among a rough coast line on the south side. Snorkeling there and the Keys is beautiful.

We used to enjoy the salt water, I think it is good for you. I do love to see the ocean, but I have learned I had rather be on a ship and enjoy the smell, beauty and vastness of the SEAS. I even enjoy it when it is angry and rough. The roughest water was 50-70 ft waves in the North Atlantic. I loved it. (Of course our ship was huge, way over the length of a football field) It was beautiful to see those waves come over the bow and wash the decks.



Lisa is our token beach girl here in bloggersville. She plans to move that direction one day.


betty said...

Its amazing how the beaches can be so different with the various oceans, lakes, etc. Each beautiful in their own way!


Mevely317 said...

Neat observations! I don't remember of course, but my parents had a picture of 7 y/o me on a REALLY rocky beach in France ... scowling because it hurt my bare feet. Ditto what you said about the Florida keys. What a disappointment! I think the award for prettiest I've seen goes to the Florida gulf beaches. Then again, I've not yet been to Orange Beach just down the road!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks for the beach pictures and descriptions. I needed a beach day today. It's my favorite place to be.

Susan Kane said...

Excellent! I love the analysis of beaches at all sorts of places. I am one who gazes out at the ocean, but doesn't get wet.

Merry Christmas to you and Sherry.

Chatty Crone said...

I love the beach too Jack. Didn't realize they were so different though.

yaya said...

I love a lovely beach and you've described them all! We are so blessed in our country to have a vast amount of shoreline to explore and enjoy. I haven't been to Europe but I was in South America and Puerto Rico and the Caribbean and enjoyed beaches there. Jack's not a beach lover because his fair skin can't take the sun like my Greek skin can! I'm hoping to see some sun and sand next year when travel may be easier. Have a wonderful Christmas Jack and Sherry!

Glenda said...

Wow, what a range of responses to this post; you stirred something up on this one Jack! Due to my Pinder heritage, I'm a fan of the Atlantic coast and the Bahamas. I've had the opportunity to enjoy the East Coast up to Nova Scotia. On a cruise ship from NEW YAWK, we stopped at a Boston port and I saw "Harvawd Yawd." Next stop, Portland, Maine, which is beautiful. Our ship docked in Portland, ME I absolutely love it;

Dar said...

Other than our Great Lake Superior and Lake Michigan shorelines, which, to us are beautiful but also full of daily change. One day there will be flat boulders on shore because of great waves, the next day, pebbles for easy agate hunting. I recall the shores of the Atlantic near Fort Dix, NJ seems a lifetime ago but very fun waves to play in. Thanks for restored memories of the ocean and the most wonderful fresh lobster I'd ever had in my life. Awesome shores.
loven'hugs from up north where we spent the day getting ready for only one of our 5 kids coming home for Christmas. Things are sure different. Stay safe, have a lovely Christmas with the boys and your beautiful love.