Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Time for a vacation ;-)

 Memorable Automobiles oThe Past:

1908 Cupell 8 HP

For Today...

Yep, time for a vacation. We are heading for Orlando for a couple weeks. We’re hitting the Thousand Trails Park there. It is a great park to walk and watch nature. No we won’t be trying Disney, Universal, Lego Land nor Alligator World.

The last thing we visited in Orlando was interesting. It is called ‘The Holy Land Experience.’  It was very interesting having featured areas and Character actors as some famous Biblical Heroes. Of course it is Christian oriented and well attended. A few Novembers ago the boys came down along with BIL Sonny and took Sherry there for her birthday.

A couple years in a row we met Dallas and Marian at Thousand Trails in the winter. That was always a treat.

OH YEAH, we will also head for an additional two weeks of vacation to the Wildwood area again to see Evelyn & Don of Belmont and Donna & JIm of the Lenoir area of NC.

Hopefully Friend Buddy and wife DI can find time to show their new home near Beverly Hills. NO, not the one where the Hill Billy’s live, the Beverly Hills of Florida.

Buddy is featured in most of my books. WE were teenagers together for a couple years.

This winter-land is good when you get to see friends and visit. Some can talk of old times but then some of us are just OLD all the times.


PS As you read this we will be getting the coach ready to roll.

Our first Orange juice from our tree. It was delicious
My OJ was switched to the Lucky Dill cup saved from one of our carry outs. LOL This was red Grapefruit juice also very good.


betty said...

Safe travels and sounds like a fun adventure! Happy New Year Sherry and Jack!


bobbie said...

Happy New Year, and safe travels, you two ~

Mevely317 said...

Aw shoot. I was hoping to read you were motoring to Alabama. (*smile*)
Your plans do sound like such fun! Are y'all, perchance, near Longwood. Yesterday I had a delightful hour-long conversation with an old friend/co-worker who's living there. Joe and I've not seen each other in nearly 30 years, but it all came rushing back and how we laughed. I'm hoping you and Sherry do the same!

PS - Neat glass! Wish I could have one of those right now, full of their chicken matzo ball soup.

yaya said...

Have a wonderful time you two crazy kids! I think being in a warm spot now sounds great. It's 30de today and we had a dusting of snow. I don't mind the cold or the snow but would love it if the sun would shine! Happy New Year...stay safe!

Chatty Crone said...


Dar said...

Safe travels and Happy New Year to the two of you. Your fresh squeezed orange juice looks sooo wonderful. And the pink grapefruit juice, is that also from your trees? You are so lucky to grow citrus, something we definitely are too cold to grow. We did have warm 20's weather today, no wind and sunshine so it seemed like a gift after all the cold. Travel safe now and have an enjoyable couple of weeks in va-ca land.
loven'hugs from up north where Andy's family spent the day trying out their new shoes...snowshoes, that is.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How nice to take a vacation from your vacation. This park sounds ideal for the two of you! Enjoy!