Friday, December 4, 2020

Time does not stop, 2nd, 3rd (etc) chances in life, but no UNDOs’

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

1973 Citeroen

Saturday’s stuff:

Sherry & I are small town people.  She from one small town; me from several. I have very little interest in obituaries other than family because I never lived in a town long enough for roots. Sherry on the other hand reads obits in depth. More often than not she will say, ‘This person lived on the Climax (the Climax being one of the mill villages in Belmont). Sherry was born on the Climax.

Or, ‘Hey this was xxx’s nephew. He was Jack Jr’s age. (xxx could be any of many kin in Belmont).

As we reach the 60’s mark in age you hear of people passing and think they are ‘Not as old as us.’  Now sadly the ages are at or less than our own son’s ages.

Truthfully, not knowing most of these people it doesn’t mean much to me UNTIL I start to think:

1.       I am alive and over 80 yrs old.

2.       There hasn’t been an obit in MY immediately family. (one exception the death of a Grandson-in-law to be, who died much before his time)

3.       I think of some of you reading that have lost someone VERY close.

4.       I think, HOW BLESSED I am to be sitting here with only a few minor aches and pains.

5.       I think of Rose, Jimmy, Gary, Bonnie, Fred, Eddie, Ken, Jimmy (2) and most recent Rick. Some kin, some bloggers, some commenters but only one older than I.

Where am I going with this? I am not sure. BUT I am grateful,

 First: Mom and dad fed me well and taught me right from wrong (I did not always listen but I knew).

 Second: My forever Sweetheart, Sherry. She took over after my parents and continued to raise me right. You know that is a joke among men; but in reality it is true. Sherry is one STRAIGHT SHOOTER (too straight at times, LOL).

Together we have worked to be healthy and successful. Our diets changed, we eat healthy. We are a good cross between the Solid (Sherry) and gambler (me). I credit her with our success in business.’

She started it on one of our daily walks when we lived in Paw Creek, “Could you build us a home and get us out of debt?”

The gambler she married said, “SURE!”

This wasn’t an UNDO of life, but another chance to reach a goal I had dreamed of each time I changed occupations; which was to become independent.

(At the time we owed less than $20k on a small 3BR home with $206 payments a month (LOL).

Time doesn’t stop, it continues to move forward….

Next: The home that made the construction company.


PS From my friend Buddy!



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Time doesn't stop but does give us some causes to pause and be thankful for what we have. You've done a great job of that in your post today. We don't get redo's but have to keep trying. That is in my post today. Many more happy years ahead of you. I'm sure there will be more adventures to share ! You two are blessed!

Mevely317 said...

And here, I thought I was the only one who read obits!
As you've written so beautifully, we've much to be thankful for. Tho' our lives were strikingly different, I prefer to focus on those things we each hold dear.
Isn't Blogger a marvelous playground? :)

yaya said...

I always read the obits! I have read some pretty funny ones and some of young folks that make you wonder why and how they are there. I have lost friends, family and bloggers too. Almost losing Jack was a shock but thankfully he's doing well and hopefully we will continue to do so as we age. You are a good example of good living. Yes, we all take chances and learn from the misses and enjoy the hits! Take care and continue to share your wisdom!

betty said...

When we got the paper I used to read the obits though I rarely knew any that passed. I liked to read about the interesting lives they had led. You and Sherry have been blessed with longevity and good health! Truly indeed a blessing these days!


Susie said...

Jack, Please stay strong for yourself and Sherry. I think sometimes people are strong from what they lived thru. My daughters have lost school friends and they are young. I was thinking of my parents ' friends. Not many of them left. Makes me sad. Some times we feel like family to many other people. I love my mom's best friend as if she were mom's sister. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

Rosie said...

I don't read obits very often, but have also lost a few dear friends who were around my age. I think that we inherit our longevity, and also contribute to it be the way we live. Some people die far too young and there is no sense to it and that always makes me sad, especially for the family left. Enjoy your trip and stay safe in this very unsettling world we live in. I am glad you are getting out and about to see some wonderful places.

NanaDiana said...

I love reading your posts Jack. They always strike a chord with me somewhere along the way. I am still in shock that Rick is gone. He was SUCH a nice man and full of life and wisdom. I hope Jilda is doing well.

It sounds like you and Sherry were a match made in Heaven and have made it work.

My son,41, lost a good friend to cancer a few months ago. It was the first time anyone close to him (close to his age) had died. It is life altering, isn't it, for someone that age?

I hope you and your sweetheart have a wonderful night. Hugs- Diana

Lisa said...

I see many people my age and younger passing away. The older you get the closer reality of death becomes.
We do not get the paper anymore so I get my news mostly from facebook or church members.

Live long Jack and Sherry!