Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Cooking question…

  Memorable Trucks from The Past:

Now for today..

 I love comments, This one I just wanted you to read and see Dar’s mama’s age. Dar & Bill have a wonderful family (BTW, Bill is a saint with a smile that lights up a room). Lately I mentioned this family and their lives in the wilds of Wisconsin. DAR's comment:

  Dar said...

Thanks Jack, for the shout out. Yes Mama still hunts at her young age of 91 though did not bag her buck this season. And yes, we all still do can our own produce and meats up here. Seldom do we open a store bought can. We make meals from scratch every day. I agree that gravy is #1 in our book too, over meat and freshly mashed potatoes right out of the garden. I pray it means we'll live longer. lol Speaking of which, I'd better rustle up some supper. The next time you come, I'll make you gravy, any kind your little heart desires.
loven'hugs from up north where the sun shines bright bringing us 48 degrees today, a regular heat wave. I have bobcats on the scrap pile, 2 of them looking pretty!

 Dar & Bill's cabin in the woods where they 'vacation,' relax and hunt.

This is one tough lady. Bill & family cut the trees for that beautiful cabin. Darla skinned daily every log while he was at work. She wore out one drawing knife. That cabin is tight and absolutely gorgeous So far back in the woods there is NO electricity.

My mama was the best cook I have ever known, bar none. That includes the few real chefs who have prepared meals I have eaten. I mentioned SOS lately, my mama had her own version of that and it was very good.

 Mama did not grow nor cook carrots. When I do chicken here I usually have carrots and peas together with a little onion also.  BUT ‘Jackson’s Cafeteria’, a well-known cafeteria in Gastonia has very good food and some of the best carrots I have ever eaten. They are in a sweet sauce; I know they have added sugar or some something to sweeten them, plus something is red, or they have added food coloring.

As I type I have carrots cooking, Sherry just tasted them and says they are good. I cut up 3 carrots, using about a cup of water mixed some corn starch, brown sugar, a dash of salt, a dash of cinnamon (It sounds red, HA!) and a about a tsp of honey (I like to add honey and garlic but I forgot garlic, I use garlic in about everything, I just forgot)

Anyway, it tastes alright but not what I want. Any suggestions for a sweetener for carrots I could make into a sauce?





Chatty Crone said...

I love Darla too and I bet she knows a way to do the carrots. I don't know how to do it - but I think I have had them before. It is a thicker sauce isn't it?

yaya said...

That is one cool, talented blogger friend! Love the cabin. Jack and I went to a potluck dinner years ago and someone had made "picnic carrots". They were really good and I found a recipe in a cookbook that was pretty close. I will look it up for you and publish in the comment section here later today. I grow my own carrots and can them. I don't even like cooked carrots but Jack does and I'll do anything to make him smile! (well, almost anything! Ha!)

Susan Kane said...

Molasses would be tricky. Use brown sugar, it always gives me success. I used to make carrots, in OJ and brown sugar.

That cabin is amazing, and Darla borders on sainthood. Sad that Mama did not bag a buck this year. Oh well. Next year.

I love seeing those old trucks. When I go to car shows, I spend my time looking at the trucks, remembering Dad's 46 Ford truck. The rest of my group look for Mustangs.

Mevely317 said...

No suggestions ... but I'm going to steal your 'recipe.'
'Not sure what happened, but after a lifetime of loathing carrots I've come to love them done in the slow cooker (alongside a roast). I'm going to try your trick using brown sugar and garlic next time in the InstantPot.

betty said...

Most of the carrots we cook are in a roast or in a variety of other veggies seasoned with more traditional spices like garlic, etc.; so I am no help with that! I just don't think I could live anywhere where there is no electricity and out in the middle of the woods but good for Darla and her family who can do so!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I make mine with brown sugar and butter, but you can also use maple syrup. They are good and good for us too. I love that cabin in the woods. How wonderful they could build it themselves!

Barbara of Branson said...

Use brown sugar and jam, or preserves, and a little catsup.

boromax said...

My wife Wendy has made what is called "Copper Pennies" for years. (and you posted this blog entry on her 75th birthday, Jack!)

The recipe she uses is identical to the one found at this link:

I love 'em! Sounds just like what you described, too.

Lisa said...

I love that little cabin in the woods and your friends sounds wonderful.
Im not a big carrot eater but I love the ones that come on Japanese Hibachi plates. I would love to know how to “Caramelize” carrots. Maybe I should try the carrots at Jacksons sometime. I love their Chicken and dumplings. They are the closet I found to moms.

Got get that gravy!