Saturday, December 5, 2020

Before Darnell’s Construction Company

 A Truck of Importance

The work horse that started our business, 1950 Chevy 1/4 ton pickup

For today:

WE lived in the outskirts of Charlotte, NC. A place called Paw Creek (locally known as ‘Tank-Town’ for its many gasoline storage tanks of several large oil companies). Sherry wanted to live in her hometown of Belmont. But the best we could so was a large lot in Mt. Holly the adjoining town.

The rear of our new house with the trailer port on the right. This was an acre lot.

I drove a ’50 Chevy p/u. Sherry was working in Charlotte and I was going to work full time to build the house. We had a small travel trailer. I built a small pole shelter for it and we started clearing the land. It was fully wooded. We were both right at 40 years old. WE dug stumps and loaded the truck by using levers ramps and come-a-longs. We lived full time in the little trailer and Jack Jr lived in our Paw Creek home that was up for sale.

WE laugh together when remembering the time Sherry got so tired and hot that she just laid down in the little 2’ wide spring fed creek we had.

Shortening the story, we built the house completely ourselves except the heating and A/C. Sherry helped me dig, raise walls, hang drywall and paint. She helped roof it although she was a little scared..

The hardest job we both agree was when I ordered 32 yards of concrete finishing an entire driveway with a rented trial machine and homemade tools.. Concrete does not wait on you.

We finished the split level home complete with two fireplaces, double garage and basement. Selling the home in Paw Creek we paid back the money we had borrowed on handshakes and were debt free.

As WE built, I was dreaming of becoming a General Contractor.



Lisa said...

Your work always amazes me. You two are something else! This is whats keeping yall young. I giggled at Sherry cooling in the creek bed.

Keep building your dreams.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You do such great work. That house looks so nice, one would think a professional did it. Just goes to show how well you two work together to make a happy life. Being debt free is wonderful. I cannot imagine roofing a house, but I can imagine lying in a creek bed to cool off. Sherry is amazing !

betty said...

Sherry and you built a great house, Jack!! Lots of work and dedication to get it done but the finished product was amazing!


Mevely317 said...

Aw, I'm smiling at the thought of Sherry going and laying down in the creek bed. What's that they say about, laughter being the best medicine?

I double-DARE the Hallmark channel to come up with a better story line than the one you're living!