Sunday, December 13, 2020

Its Christmastime, I can smell it.

 Autos of the Season

For today:

My dad was a very fundamental minister. BUT one thing my dad never did was belittle Santa Claus. However in his North Georgia language it was Santy. I remember hearing him say on several occasions, “Hey, you can’t tell me there is no Santy, I saw one last week at Sears and Roebuck.”

Also at our home we never forgot it was ‘Little Jesus’s’ birthday. The season really started when we went out to the country to look for two trees. One for the Church and one for the house. Dad always got permission but as long as I can remember we had a cedar tree. The smell was Christmas. A few times there was 1-3” of snow on the ground, cold for us Southerners, but what a fun time.

The old boxes of decorations came out at home and church. Everyone was invited for the tree trimming at the church and it was always festive.  There was another ‘scent’ of Christmas and that was citrus. Exuding from that tangerine and orange included in the brown paper bags with an apple, nuts, a box or raisins and some candy. Those bags were called treats. A couple days before the Sunday before Christmas some of the church folks came in to put the bags together. It was a lot of work and FUN. That Sunday they were handed out after church.

There were always bags for what was called ‘Shut-ins’, the ones who weren’t able to get to church. The remainder was distributed by members who knew poor families that ‘Santy’ wouldn’t leave much at their house.

Christmas was the only time citrus was in our house and many other mill workers homes. Citrus was expensive. Funny how certain ‘smells’ can relate and carry you back to specific times.



This Santa is gonna be fast!


betty said...

Wonderful memories of a different time, Jack! We always got a big orange and a big apple in our Christmas stockings :)


yaya said...

My Uncle who lived across the street from us when I was growing up always called Santa, Santy Claus! Great memories. I also got an orange and nuts in my stocking on Christmas morning. I'm surrounded by pine trees here now and when I mow or walk in them I smell Christmas even though we have a fake tree indoors! I love all your memories. It was a simpler time back then but the memories are vivid. Have a good week!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love all the smells of Christmas and will miss them when they are gone. Tangerines were always a part of our stocking fits when I was growing up. Still love them too ! Real trees are mostly a thing of the pssst, but they are wonderful too. I've tried burning pine scent candles, but they don't quite so it.

Mevely317 said...

What WONDERFUL memories you've stirred, Jack!
There's nothing quite like the aroma of a freshly cut tree; but only if it belongs to the 'other guy.' Last real one we had killed my Eletrolux vacuum cleaner.
Yep. Each year's Christmas Eve service, we children were given a stocking made from netting that contained an apple, orange and walnuts. Can't remember if I gave the fruit away, or threw it away when my mother wasn't looking. LOL.

Susie said...

Jack, I love your memories. Oranges have always smelled like Christmas to me. We rarely ever had them. I love the smells of Christmas, cookies, baking, live trees, and greenery. Blessings to you and Sherry. xoxo, Susie

Dar said...

One of the most vivid smells of Christmas for me was always the smell of gingerbread and molasses cookies baking. I remember the wonderful scent of cloves being poked into oranges in designs, then placed in a bowl on the table. What a heavenly memory. Of course, a freshly cut Christmas tree found deep in the woods. This year, my brothers cut a 20 footer, cut the top of for in the house at the farm, and the bottom for outside in front of the gazebo. Inside the scent of hot cocoa while we decorated, and outside, big red bows and suet for the birds. Our church did so much of the same as yours to create sweet memories. Thanks for bringing Christ back in Christmas.
love n' hugs from up north where cookies need to go in the oven.

Woody said...

Memories, with Christmas our Stockings, *(still have mine) were hung up, Christmas Morning there was an Orange, Life Savers in the Book, a Candy Cane, Maple Sugar Candy, Big Rock Candy ! 8 of us enjoyed Christmas morning trading stockings then we were allowed to open a present, 1 present and a nice one, Thanks for the memory Jog !!!!! Sending down Love and hopes for a Jolly Christmas, Gary an Anna Mae !

Chatty Crone said...

The smell remembers the time - interesting.

Glenda said...

Awe, this post was so sweet! I loved the Christmas baggies of goodies. We rarely had citrus either, what a treat is was! Mama always said the oranges were from "Flawda" because Texas didn't grow them that sweet. Love this "throwback" post. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Love and hugs, Glenda

Lisa said...

Yes! We always called him “Santy Clause”. I remember the churches doing fruit bags and hanging the greens. Our church still gives out fruit bags on Christmas Sunday and also to the the elderly “shut ins’.

I’m ready for Christmas