Saturday, December 19, 2020

Title… Overwhelmed…. ‘Flabbergasted’.

  Replacing Tires would be Overwhelming:

Now for today..

Overwhelmed, one synonym is ‘flabbergasted’. I didn’t  know that was a real word. But now that I am the same age as old people I am learning how those old people get flabbergasted at the technical things of life. Stumbling thru things like setting up auto-payment of your utilities and phone and finally getting it all set up you relax and forget it. BUT let a monkey wrench get thrown in, and there is that overwhelmed feeling again.

Shirley my older sister was being ‘overwhelmed’ with bills. The younger brother, me, set it all up and she had just groceries, clothes, gas and eating out to worry about. BUT then she passed away. Some of the things were simple to stop BUT NOT ALL. AT&T was the worst. (I have heard good things about AT/T but not for us). AS you know there are no local offices; seldom even real people.

NOW, I am now the old person. Tax time is coming up and YES I am flabbergasted. The only time I have used anyone to do my taxes was in the last few years in business when, at my big brothers advice, I hired a CPA. Marvin was a great guy but after his death I found he had lied, I mean there were deductions on my forms that were not true. I learned that from the CPA that took over Marvin’s accounts. Of course OUR tax went up. LOL

I was quiet until 7 years passed, dreading the thought of an audit. It did not happen.

Okay now, this shouldn’t be too hard, just follow the instructions and file the forms. But I still dread it.

Maybe I’ll call Lisa, she is working for a CPA now in her new job. What am I saying? I cannot call anyone. I can’t talk on the phone. LOL

Maybe I’ll wing it. Can you blog from jail? Just wondering……..




betty said...

Find a reputable tax accountant or go to a "name brand" tax company like H and R Block or similar. Its not worth the stress trying to figure it out yourself and certainly worth the money for peace of mind.


Unknown said...

Ha Ha Ha!!!! Funny.

Glenda said...

When I was eleven years old I filed the income tax forms for my family and Daddy trusted me to have it done right! Fifty years later I filed using one of those online offers and messed it up!!!
Now, I pay a "professional" tax preparation lady to do the paperwork, efile and it's a done deal. Sometimes it's not about the cost (typically $50) it is the peace of mind that it brings! Love and hugs from Chilly Chobee, Glenda BTW, we're having a "Celebration of Mom, Eileen Pinder Conrad's life in late January, and would love to have y'all attend. David "Luke" has Mom's ashes and wants to do this down on 20th Street in Riviera Beach where she grew up. We would be honored to have your family here.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The cost of a good accountant is well worth it for peace of mind. Best advice I can give you.

Mevely317 said...

Having worked at CPA firms -- both in Texas and St. Pete -- I'm 100% in agreement with Ma. Peace of mind's invaluable.
Oh, and so is the time you'll save when you could be cuddling on the couch with Sherry!

Dar said...

Listen to 'MA', cuz ma's know best. Get your peace of mind! It's well worth it.
loven'hugs from up north where it's chilly out but nothing horrible. Like Andy's little guy said, It's snowing so now it's Christmas. He's a very wise 3 yr. old. :)

yaya said...

I used to do our taxes but now we have an accountant who also does my hubbies office corp. taxes. I'm glad all I have to do is mail stuff in. I hate tax time. Anyway, I make a mean cake with a file in...homemade frosting and everything! Just sayin'!

Susan Kane said...

We wondered at one time about our CPA and his honesty. So far, so good.