Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Fickled (is that a good word?)

 Memorable Automobiles ride:

 1998 Sherry drove our Saturn thru a tree in N. California

Now, for today:

Sherry and I have enjoyed traveling. We are asked often, “What has been the most interesting place y’all have visited?” Tough, even impossible to say!


Upon seeing many places new to me I have thought, ‘this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.’ At times when I said that, just days before I had said that about something else.

 In 1983 after talking to Sherry’s sister Colette and her hubby who had never traveled over 200 miles from Charlotte, NC, we decided to take 2-4 weeks off and just drive across the USA. An example of my thoughts while Camping on the rim of the Grand Canyon, ‘This is the most spectacular site I have ever seen.’

Then the Pacific Ocean Coast line, WOW. Oh, and Camping in Yosemite, 

The most beautiful sites I had ever seen.... THEN we drove across the Rockies, the Most beautiful views you can imagine.  We had never seen snow that you could enjoy in short sleeves. So we threw some snow balls on the top of the Rockies.

That trip rekindled our desire to live on the road.

I have finally decided after the hundreds of the ‘Most beautiful sites I have ever seen’, that it is the moment and the amazement of the beauty at that slice of time. I did not know another way to express my feelings.

(From the net cannot find my pictures of Lake Louise, Banff Nat'l Pk Alberta Canada!)

Seeing Lake Louise for the first time, then the beauty of the Yukon. I cannot express my feelings of seeing a Moose running beside me on the ALCAN Highway, much less the Canadian Rockies. At the time we were there, we had already seen a lot of the world. BUT you cannot imagine a small town boy’s feelings of standing beside a lake in the backwoods of Alaska at MIDNIGHT and watching fish jump like it was noontime.

WE will never again see many of the sites we have enjoyed, but that desire to see another ‘Most beautiful site in the world’ always hangs ‘right in the middle of my mind!’ We know there are absolutely ‘millions of them left.’

(sometimes it is just relaxing (This picture shot on Lake Eustis in 2004 not 1/2 mile from our trailer now in Leesburg))

Niagara from the net (can't find mine)

I remember seeing Niagara Falls the first time, I thought after watching it for a long time, “How can that continue and NOT run out of water?”  But then how can ‘Old Faithful’ out in Yellowstone keep such good time? WE have seen SPRINGS! Many produce millions of gallons an hour and become rivers immediately?

Giant Redwood tree

What is the most amazing place Y'all have been? I cannot answer that with ONE place. That is a hard question.

Soooo,  What was one of the ‘Most impressive place (thing)’ you have enjoyed?


PS: Many of the sites I mentioned some of you said, “I remember that!” Oh yes and I smiled at Tarryterre’s entry when she told of a strap breaking on her purse as she toured the Biltmore Mansion. We have passed the Mansion many times but never stopped. Sherry says we need to FIX that! ;-)

 My siblings Shirley, Jr & Odis were happy to remain where they were planted. On the other hand Sister Kat and I, thrived on traveling.


I miss Robin Williams at times.


betty said...

That Robin Williams' quote is very wise. Hate to talk politics but there is a lot of truth in his quote! You and Sherry have been to so many wonderful places! Lots of great memories made there! What is so neat is that God made this beautiful world with his creation for his pleasure that we also get to enjoy!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We do live in a beautiful country. Although I've not traveled the way you have, I'd still find it hard to pick a favorite place. Sometimes it's just beautiful to sit on my porch and watch the wind blowing in the treee branches.

Mevely317 said...

What on earth would we be without our memories! I've been blessed to travel, but nothing like what you've experienced.
Here I thought I'd be content to sit the rest of my days in small-town Alabama ... then you come along and have me daydreaming. Maybe my 'most impressive' thing is still out there waiting.

Dar said...

I love being back at the farm where I grew up and my mother and brother still live. It signifies as much peace to me as our cabin deck over the creek. I've found that I don't need to go far to see our world thru my imagination, books and now the internet. I can't imagine living anywhere else than ' home sweet home.' Thanks to your travels, I've traveled nicely beyond my chair.
love n' hugs from up north as I listen to an awakened cricket in our 50 degree weather today. This kind of warmth just doesn't happen in WI in Dec. We are blessed. Continue to travel safe.

Chatty Crone said...

I love your beautiful sites and thank God you have memories.

I don't think politicians need jackets anymore to see what side they are on - I can tell by their actions.

Woody said...

You and Sherry are "Well Traveled" ! I bet each new View or event was special, I I think seeing a Sunset in Key West when the Sun "sinks" below the Ocean and there is that instant flash of greenish color as it disappears. Also standing right out there is the first sight of my Daughter, than the First Sight of my Son ! I think of oh so many Memories sitting quietly as I am sure many other do also, I do enjoy reading your entries of your adventures, glad I fond the Shipslog Blog ! Take care down there, Hope it's not too cold for you !! Sending down warmth and Love, Gary an Anna Mae

boromax said...

Such a rich saunter down Memory Lane, Jack. My bride and I often (everyday?) reminisce about the places we have seen and the things we have done. We have been to most of the places you mentioned, except Banff. Banff is still on my "bucket list" - which is informal and highly unlikely at this point, but I can still dream!!

The other day (last Monday) we drove up to Reno, NV, from Fresno, CA, to pick up our son (42 y/o) and bring back to Fresno to stay with us for a while. The country we drove through to get there is gorgeous. And this morning I was thinking... We should drive up to Sequoia/Kings Canyon, or Shaver Lake, or Yosemite!

Like Woody, I remember sunrises and sunsets in Key West, too. I actually had a true life-changing moment in 1991 as I watched the sun rise over the Atlantic in Key West. I was stationed TDY at the Naval Station there at the time. But, that is a whole long story that leads to a dozen or more OTHER long stories. LOL.

Thank you for your blog, Jack. I look forward to reading it every time, even though I do not comment very often. Today's entry piqued my interests too much to stay quiet.

Peace and Joy to you and Sherry!

Ed and Wendy in Fresno, CA.

Lisa said...

Unfortunately, I have not been to many places. The most beautiful place I have seen is the ocean at sunrise on Easter morning. The mountain views are beautiful too.

Tired in Gtown