Sunday, December 27, 2020

Sayings and typewriting

 Autos of beauty

 From the Studebaker Museum South Bend, IN

For today:

The sundown of your life.

The evening of your life

Quiet as a mouse

The FALL of your life

Deader than a Door nail.

Dumb as a bell…. (I have felt that one up close and personal before!)

Once in my life I had to write lesson plans. I made the mistake once of using Roman numerals. When I got up into the teens and twenties I was lost. That was several pages, and then there were no word processors. You that used the typewriter at work know what it is to retype page after page. I never made that mistake again. (Word processors are great, huh?

Did you know the zero is the only numeral not represented in Roman numerals? (Just learned that from Evelyn).

Do they teach typing in schools today?

I wonder how many words kids can type with their thumbs, they are pretty danged fast.

Typing. My dad typed his sermon outlines with two fingers. He was proud when he got a typewriter with a red and black ribbon. Then he could type in red and black.

I saw a clip once of Andy Rooney typing, I think he used two fingers. In the early years many newspaper editors/writers were pretty fast with two fingers.

Just curious, were typewriters ‘born’ with home keys. Do kids know there are home keys? I just took note that my key board still indicates the start of home keys. I learned to type with two hands on my own, and I still look at the keys. My mind never locked itself to the home keys. I wander off of them sometime.


PS: About rooting. The jar to which I added honey looked like this yesterday

Like this today, it was wilted.

OUCH! I changed the water and hope they brighten back up!
So much for my online hints, shoulda waited on Don's advice. :-O


betty said...

Oops on the plants :) I cannot for the life of me type with my thumbs like the kids do with texting. I can touch type though pretty darn fast :) I taught myself with a book how to type when I was in 8th grade; loved it then and still love it now. Hubby is kind of a hunt and peck typer but it does get the job done. I doubt typing is taught these days; went the way of maybe shorthand? (which I also liked)


Mevely317 said...

Good questions! Yep, I learned to type on a manual typewriter. Pretty sure there was a lot of 'pecking' going on. And how I bitterly protested my parents telling me I must take typing while in school. (Shows you how much I knew - ha.) I'm in awe anytime I glimpse my grands texting ... thumbs and fingers flying. Heck, I can't even work (or won't!) the touch-pad thingie on lap-tops.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What we once called typewriting is now called keyboarding and I do think they still teach that today. I know how to but don't always get it right. Even with the spell check, I still make mistakes.

Dar said...

My keyboard has raised lines under the 'home keys.' so I guess they still have them. I learned typing in high school and loved it. I'm still a pretty fast typist but do miss more now that my fingers are getting pretty arthritic and crippled. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. So sorry your pointsettia is wilting. Cut the blooms off and it may bounce back quicker and change the water without adding the honey. It's worth a shot. I wondered about the honey until I remembered how mom used to always add sugar to the Christmas tree water. hmmm Good luck with that.
loven'hugs from up north where it's cold today at 10 degrees and a slight breeze...goes straight to the bone.

Lisa said...

I learned to type on an old manual typewriter in High school typing class. We had to learn the home keys and could not use white out during the typing test. I type just fine without looking at the keys unless I start thinking about it. Today, computers allow you to back space and correct spelling. I’m spoiled with that and could probably never type an accurate letter on a real type writer again.