Wednesday, July 28, 2021


 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


Some of you  will remember the car built, One Piece at a time... That is sorta ME!

Notes concerning previous entry:

1. The USN has a standing tradition to bury its vets, retirees or active duty personnel at sea. The bodies are weighted so they will not return ashore. I know it is silly to most, but some of us do not mind feeding the fish vs worms. Many of our fellows have went down with their ships and are already there.

2. I don't think the Funeral director intentionally mislead Kat, but he was WRONG not checking deeper on her insistence.

NOW, For today:

I am so blessed to have folks who comment on this blog.

I started off yesterday’s entry just like above, then got side tracked to my sister Kat.

By mentioning comments and bloggers I was recalling the one I had just read by Myra.  Using the supposition that someone would look at this home in 50 years, what would they think?  The first thought inside my head was, “Someone would say, a crazy person lived here, he could not decide what he wanted to be or do!”

A Marine on his first tour
An Airman and his first son.

The pastor of the Moberly Church of God and his family

A sailor on his first tour 

A chief on his final tour

They would find stuff from 3 military services.  Enough Bibles to think I had been a preacher, then see the names inside several of them and think, ‘NO, he stole folks’ bibles!’

Something like the lady who was arrested for car theft. When she proven innocent she asked the Policeman why he thought she had stolen the car?

“Well ma’am I read you bumper stickers, ‘I love my Church’, Follow me there!’, ‘Jesus loves you’ and a couple more on LOVE. Then reading your lips you were cursing and giving the finger to the guy who cut off, I knew it could not be your car!”……….

Digging up evidence of the past. I remember we visited Williamsburg and once and took a tour to an excavation site. The guide was telling us how much we were learning from the digging. One of the tour group asked, “Don’t we have written information on life here? Things such as written history and actual letter describing life in Williamsburg?”

“Yes sir, we do have much in writing, but it is hard to tell if things are embellished or just not true in the writings! Digging we get the facts!”  (ARTIFACTS??)

My mind is saying WHAT? You dig up something and you must assume who had it, when they had it and what they did with it. With the writings you KNOW who wrote and WHEN!!

I am NOT against digging and archelogy, but I would prefer actual words of the ones who lived at that time.

My first little house as a builder. (Jack, Jim, Dick & KAT!)

The second house above,  Like the first one, Sherry & I did it all except the H/A/C
One of our last houses: By this time I was using some subcontractors also.

Anyway many people are like me, a ‘Jack of all trades and master of none,’ in this world. Shucks my life confuses me (and my girl) much less what it would do to a historian. LOL

Not only a brother to the wild goose, but I seem to always want to be where I ‘AIN’T’, I am not sure that is a good mind set, but I just can’t help it, ;-(  that is simply ME.

I did not say it, but I have had a beautiful lady who probably rolled her eyes many times over the years as my focus changed 'fairly often.' Some would say since she married me when I was 17, she could have raised me better! LOL


PS: Today would have been Paula’s 85th birthday, I miss her blog. Some people you just can’t help but like; Paula and Jean (of OPP) are two of ‘em!




Mevely317 said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out!
I know I've said this before, but I LOVE seeing your 'growing-up' photos!
I'll bet there's plenty of older folks out there who wish they'd done more while they had the chance. Like one of my favorite sayings goes, "If Plan A doesn't work, the alphabet's got 25 more letters."

No-one can say you've led a boring life!

Chatty Crone said...

I loved Paula too.
And I love the memories.

betty said...

I think you and Sherry have lived a very interesting life filled with wonderful adventures. It is good you were able to explore the careers you did and Sherry was supportive of that!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

I love visiting here and I enjoy your many stories. Thanx Jack for devoting so much time to this blog. I've learnt a lot from you.

God bless you and Sherry, and your family.

Dar said...

Way to go Jack and thanks again for your many years and hours serving our country. I think a burial at sea is an honorable farewell. Your pictures from then are so precious. Knowing Sherry, she didn't mind following you and your dreams. She's been quite the 'keeper.'
loven'hugs from our northwoods where we had quite the stormy moments yesterday afternoon and evening but the brunt of it was in southern WI. At least we never lost power.

Dar said...

I also miss Paula and her wisdom. I wonder if anyone took over feeding the turtles----

Lisa said...

You are interesting. I love reading you blog. You and Sherry are a big love story.