Sunday, July 4, 2021

Neck ties, bow ties and bare feet

 Cars in memorial:

 When you cnnot decide what color you want!!!!

For today:

This morning I noticed a man wearing a tie and ‘dressed for church’ at Mc Donald’s earlier this morning. This took me back to the days of my childhood when most men wore a tie to church. Yep we ‘dressed-up’ for church.

There are literally hundreds of ‘Necktie knots’. I could tie three Knots, the Windsor Knot, the Four in Hand Knot (USMC) and Sailor’s knot.

 Many men went out of their way to find unique ‘tie clips’.

For a few years in the 50’s Bow-ties were the thing. My dad liked those because they were quick and easy. (JJ with a bow tie)

I see very few kids who go barefooted nowadays. In my youth shoes were put aside to toughen up your soles for ‘barefoot’ times. Most kids had two pair of shoes. One to play in and the other pair were ‘Sunday go to meeting’ shoes. But most of the time kids preferred no shoes for warm weather.

Shucks you could jump in mud holes, wade in ditches or creeks and climb trees easier.

Son Mark had a coach in Key West who had never left the keys or worn shoes.  His soles looked like they were ½” thick.

 (Man on the right)

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Bud Sansbury said...

I'm sure you remember when we would run barefooted on side walks, paved streets and gravel. Did you ever get a "stone bruise" ? Ouch!

betty said...

Too hot here in Phoenix to go barefoot for too long outside during the summer months! When my hubby was working I think it was up in Montana, he had a lady employee whose husband could no longer tie his ties and she never mastered how to do them. She would bring in the tie he wanted to wear to church on Sunday on Fridays and my hubby would tie it for her loosely so all the husband had to do was tighten it up after he slipped it on.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Life was sure different in those days. I remember people wore their Sunday best for church, and woman always covered their heads inside the church.

God bless.

Mevely317 said...

What a cool picture of JJ!
Now that you mention it ... Yes. Most of the men in our little congregation still wear a nice shirt and necktie. Maybe on account he had to wear a uniform every workday, my dad loved to dress 'up' -- complete with a tie clip! Then he went through a phase wanting my mother and me to wear hats to church. (Thank goodness THAT didn't last long!)

Hey, I'm 71 years old and STILL love to go barefoot. 'Just gotta be careful to dodge the dogs' leavings.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's a rare sight to see any of the men in my church wear a suit or tie, unless it's a special occasion like a wedding. I miss the days when people actually dressed up for church. Now they wear anything, even shorts.I try to wear dresser blouses, but it's rare for me to put a dress on, even going to church. I usually wear pants. How things have changed.

Dar said...

In a way, it's sad how much things have changed. Even as a young adult I still had respect enough to dress neatly for church, or even to go to the grocery store. I'm also 71 and still wear my short-shorts but only at home. I just came inside from watering my flowers on the deck while they're in the shade, and of course, barefoot. I can still go barefoot across the driveway but I'm pretty selective of my path. I have pretty tough summer feet, even barefoot in the veggie gardens. lol. Most of my Grandloves go barefoot all summer with sandals by the door if they need them. They also rock hop in the creek, wade it to fish and climb trees, all barefoot. I love to see it still happens.
love n'hugs from up north where it's so hot, that we'll be spending time in our naturally cool cabin today. It feels like we have A/C with no electricity. HA!

Florence said...

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