Sunday, September 24, 2023

Sorta funny, then a boo boo

  Car of the day:

 A fifth wheel RV

So for today:

On our anniversary Sherry picked a favorite eating place from a few years ago, The Catfish Place in Apopka, FL.  Probably 25 miles South.  IT WAS GONE!  We laughed and laughed. We actually enjoy any ride together, short or long.

This is No longer there!

WE drove back north and stopped at Chili’s in Mount Dora.  We both ordered steak with asparagus and loaded mashed potatoes; it was all very good.

WE both had a small piece of steak left and brought it home. Sherry cut the leftovers into cubes and fixed steak and eggs for the morning after, yes it was still very delicious, so were her kisses.

Thanks for all the good wishes and comments.  We honestly do have a great relationship. And truthfully, she does have to keep me straight at times, but I think that is a burden of wives, bless your hearts..

Oh, another thing that happened on this trip, while settled at our stop in South Carolina our coach was hit. We hate to pull into any park after dark and do our best to NOT do it. We were early and settled in at a very good roomy site. A fifth-wheel RV pulled in beside us after dark. After unhooking he hit our coach with his tail gate, shaking the coach and took us by surprise. Of course, he and his wife apologized profusely! No real damage to the operation of the coach, thank the Lord.

This is a big empty hole now, but I have all the parts, Using a vice, hammer and gauge I have reformed all the parts. Now I must epoxy every thing back in place.

The next morning, we surveyed the damage. He gave me his Ins info and address. The damage, if sent to an ins company would be high for the little damage.  Since I can do the repairs, he gladly gave me the $100.00 I suggested.

That’s it for today. LOL

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Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thankfully the damage was slight and no one was hurt. It's good to find someone willing to settle the problem informally in a friendly way.

God bless you both. Enjoy your holiday.

Mevely317 said...

I hate it when dearly loved restaurants inexplicably close shop. At least y'all found humor in the situation -- AND enjoyed a good meal. Whenever we go to LongHorn Tom orders a big ribeye and makes sure I've a goodly chunk to bring home for omelets.

Sorry for the 'boo-boo' ... but it sounds like RV-ers are, for the most part, good people.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Ouch on the boo boo! Glad it's something that can be fixed by you. I'm sure the $100.00 will be well spent. You were nice to forgo the insurance. Not many would do that. But not all would be able to fix just about anything the way you do. Sorry, the restaurant closed up, but it sounds like you had a good dinner and could laugh with each other about it. I haven't had a steak out in ages, but it does make a good leftover. Steak and eggs used to be a favorite around here. Take care and don't over do it, fixing the Boo Boo. Love, ma

Lisa said...

I’m sure that bump sounded and felt a whole lot worst than it really was. I’m glad yall settled it out of pocket. Messing with the insurance companies now days is a pain in the neck!. We are still dealing with the insurance after my daughter wrecked her car. Its been two weeks and sleepless nights around here.