Sunday, September 10, 2023

The change in me

 The change in me

 Car of the day:

1930 Caddy, sent to me by my shipmate Malinowski.

So for today:

I have said it many times of all my duty stations our tour in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba stands out at the best. We actually learned to bowl down there. It was a great past time and fellowship with other sailors and their wives. We joined a mixed couples league and actually did very well.  We seldom bowled after we left and we did enjoy the sport.

Fishing off and on most of our married lives has been a great past time of ours. Of course, being stationed near water allowed us that pleasure. In GITMO we had a Barrel Boat. It was actually a pontoon boat and the pontoons were 50 gallon drums wielded together.

Above a big red snapper (Our boat was called "The Red Snapper".)

Below My sweetheart relaxing as we cruised the bay.

In Key West we bought a cuddy cabin boat.  When my skipper heard that Petty Officer Darnell had bought a boat he called me into his office.

“Darnell, I hear you bought a boat!  Do you know the definition of a boat?”

“Well sir, the way you phrased that, I guess I don’t.”

He continued, “I learned the hard way, I just wanted you to know what you will soon learn, ‘a Boat is a HOLE in the water through which you throw money!’ ”


I left his office, and we were both laughing. We did put some money into that dude, but over all it was worth it, Key West has beautiful water. Only once did I allow my sons to play hooky from school. One beautiful calm day I took them fishing, we had a ball. WE were in water 125’ deep just off the continental shelf, and you could see the bottom like it was 20 feet deep. You could see fish, wrecked boats, rocks, and beautiful coral.

We saw a Jew Fish we still declare it was as big as a Volkswagen Beetle.  The boys had a ball trying to get it to take the bait, but it just ignored them. I told them, if he takes the bait I have no idea what we will do!


We need to go fishing more.  I also enjoyed pitching horseshoes.  Both our sons still do, they have pits in Florida and here in NC.

Now my pastime is reading and enjoying fixing stuff in the basement.

Do you have a favorite pastime.

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Mevely317 said...

Wow! -- on that vintage car. How I'd love to take a ride about in it.
I was only in Key West one time. Have to say, it was not at all what I was expecting. Granted, we didn't go out on a boat, but I'd envisioned white sandy beaches and deeper water. Oh well, glad to have been there, done that!

Have you heard of corn-hole? It looks much like pitching horseshoes ... fun. These days my favorite pasttimes are playing word games (Wordle, Connections, Quordle, etc) and blogging. (Thanks for asking!)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My favorite is definitely reading. I do a lot of it. I have gone fishing and had fun. My daughter taught my sons to put a worm on their hooks. She was a better fisherman than they were. I also enjoy painting gifts for my family and sewing a little. But still give me a book and I'm happiest. Love, to you both ! Ma

Susie said...

Jack, I love this post. Fishing is a fun time. I worked with many men . One thought he had to fish every week. My work pal said it's sad when you get behind on fishing and have to go during winter. LOL One had a shirt that said, "Men envy me, women want me, and fish fear me." I laugh just thinking of that t-shirt. I miss my working buddies. Blessings, xxo, Susie
p.s. great pics of you and Sherry.

Lisa said...

My favorite past time is crafting, but lately, you’d think my favorite past time is sleeping. I can’t seen to stay awake once I get home from work, eat dinner and shower.

I would love to have a boat.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I don't have the patience for fishing. I see them there by the river, and on the lake shore, sitting waiting and waiting. You need to be a special person to go fishing.

God bless.